Did God Appear At The White House?

Joe emails: I hate to say it to many atheists who read your site, but God just appeared in the white house. No, I am not talking about Mr. Obama. I am talking about the question asked Obama about the arrest of Professor Gates. It was beyond random.

If you hear about it in 50 years, you will say, what, why would a reporter ask something about a black professor at a press conference about health care reform?

It is the most truth is is stranger than fiction I have ever seen.

And it happened for a reason. Obama has a health care plan, that when implemented will triple his power. It is the biggest piece of legislation since the constitution. With its passage, Obama would simply be invincible, a politician that could convert popular votes into actual serial legislation, first a stimulus package that reinvigorated the government industrial complex with money borrowed from foreigners, and then a health care package that nationalized health care using money taken from the rich.

With his power, his demands on Israel would be implemented and Israel’s dominance in the Levant was in danger. But then an innocent question got answered in a way that even the most liberal reporter in Washington wondered if Obama was not a closet idiot. Any lawyer, educated at Harvard or Tijuana tech, knows that when asked a question and called on to render judgment, it is reflexive to say, I do not have all the facts and I cannot render judgment. It leaves you outs and wiggle room later. Once you commit, you have to roll that stone all the way back up the mountain to correct yourself.

The only exceptions for snap judgments is if you are an idiot as a lawyer or you have a bias. So when George W. Bush said "bring em on" to the Iraqi insurgents, it was dismissed as him being an idiot, rather than a strategy borne out a realization that victory would only come by killing the like of al-zarkaqi.

But, we know that Obama is the most perspicacious of them all – he is obviously not the boob that George W. Bush. So when he said that the police acted stupidly, the journalists had to determine whether arresting someone for being a complete horse’s ass is stupid. It is not, unless you have racist and stereotypical attitudes towards the police. And the press knows that endorsing that stuff will not sell in middle america. Well, if that will not sell, either will health care, or the rest of Obama’s message, including stuffing his fist through israel’s throat.

Hashem appeared in the white house last week. And he gave Israel another few years of control over the holy city. Now to just outlast Obama without the need for divine intervention, as there is only so much Hashem is willing to do.

PS. Thank god for LA jewry that there is not a syrian jewish community. The hierarchy of thieves (in ascending order) has to be:

Hungarian Jews

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