Does The Orthodox Union Certify Any Foods That Need Certification?

Have you noticed that everything that the Orthodox Union certifies does not really need a kosher certification?

They certify bottled water but bottled water does not need a kosher certification. Sure, it makes the companies more money that sell the bottled water and the OU makes good money from certifying it, but is this what kashrut certification is all about?

When it comes to meat and to prepared foods with dicey ingredients, the Orthodox Union seems to never certify anything on its own, they are only willing to add their OU symbol after some other certification service has labeled the food kosher (particularly meat).

Cheese is the one exception I can think of to this theory. But when it comes to toilet bowl cleanrs, the OU is all over certifying them.

Does this make Jews/God/Torah look stupid?

I see the OU certifying a lot of drinks but none of them have ingredients that are problematic. I see them certifying foods that are made completely from stuff that is without doubt kosher.

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