The Kundalini Glow

Cathy Seipp said I was the most cynical person she knew.

Cathy was a cynical journalist who knew a lot of cynical people.

I felt proud.

I went to yoga today and again it stared me in the face that daily Kundalini Yoga practicioners glow. They stand out. They tend to be more poised, more gentle, more calm, more centered, more kind. I know that I am more of all those things when I get out of class. I tend to be gentler and kinder with myself and I then transfer these feelings to those around me — while simultaneously remaining the fiercest lover in the world.

But we’re not here to talk about me.

I’ve brought a lot of friends to Kundalini Yoga and none of them have been affected by it. As they walked out of class, they went back to talking in the same cynical aggressive way.

It jarred me. I was no longer the most inappropriate person in the room.

I went to my first Kundalini Yoga class January 6 ready to change my life. I knew that the way I was living wasn’t working. I had too many barriers up between me and other people. (Therapy and Alexander Technique have helped me let a lot of bad habits go.) I had too many barriers up between my genuine self and my pose.

I quickly found Kundalini Yoga people to be genuine, happy and caring. I felt like I could let down my guard. That Kundalini Yoga was sacred space and I could live up to its call.

I still don’t believe most of what I’m told in Kundalini Yoga. I’m still cynical. But I’m glowing.

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