America Does Not Have A Healthcare Crisis

It has the best healthcare in the world.

It has a large number of people without health insurance (about 42 million) but they can all show up to an emergency room and get healthcare.

Dennis Prager asks on his radio show Thursday, how is the President going to get us better healthcare for less money? He presents no specifics.

There are only two ways to get better quality at a lower price — the free market or government regulation.

If the government legislates that doctors must get paid less money, why will they work hard? Will you work just as hard if you are paid less?

The President talks about getting rid of waste. We would all like to get rid of waste. We would like to get rid of waste from our home budgets. It is easier said than done.

Waste is an inevitable byproduct of anything that grows big.

President Obama, show us how to reduce waste and then we’ll rethink Obama-care for the nation.

Since Karl Marx, the Left has not been interested in creating wealth. The Left redistributes wealth. The Left does not claim to create wealth. Asking the Left to create wealth is like asking your car to fly. It is asking the Left to stop being Left.

The Left is now in power for the first time in the history of the US.

As Charles Krauthammer says, the President denies reality with such aplomb and elegance it’s amazing.

DP: I’ve never wanted to change America. I’ve wanted to improve America.

It’s OK to want your spouse to improve, but it is a bad sign if you want your spouse to change.

Obama never campaigned as a centrist. He campaigned as a leftist.

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