The Sad and Troubling Story of Fridoon Rawshan, Man Fatally Shot by Cop

The gifts of the Afghans!

News: The 42-year-old Afghanistan man shot and killed by a San Diego police officer outside of an adult bookstore on April 30 had a long criminal history, suffered a history of mental illness and was in the process of being deported, court documents reveal.
Fridoon Zalbeg Rawshan died when the officer, responding to a report of a knife-wielding man, encountered Rawshan in an alley and fired at him. The officer, Neal Browder, did not have his body camera on at the time, which led the SDPD to change their recording policy.

It was a tragic ending for Fridoon Zalbeg Rawshan, who according to records, fled Afghanistan at the age of 16 to avoid military service and later feared persecution from the Taliban if he was sent back to his homeland.
Rawshan, also known as Rawshannehad, was homeless at the time of his death and fought mental illness for at least 11 years, according to court documents filed by his family. Even though his family said Rawshan had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, the courts found him to be mentally competent to stand trial on at least two criminal cases.


* Reminds me of an Afghani chain-migrant lunatic shot by police here in San Diego.

Of course his family, who sponsored his chain migration then abandoned him to homelessness, is now suing the city for millions.

Something for Germany to look forward to!

At the time of the shooting, he was subject to a deportation order. But one of the “side benefits” to the Chamber of Commerce’s war against lawyers who sue big business (aka “tort reform”) is that federal courts have basically been defunded, slowing the deportation process to a crawl.

* I came across an armed lunatic just today. It was on the public walking path behind the San Francisco Golf Club. Big black guy, 6’2″/210, doubtless one of the homeless who camp behind the course on a strip belonging to the Water Department. He was armed with an old real wood driver, hitting shots into the course. One of them almost hit me after bouncing off a eucalyptus tree and shooting through the fence. He seems to own a lot of bicycles.

* Re Tamir Rice, Black Lives Matter hasn’t informed us what the police are supposed to do about blacks waving around Airsoft weapons that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Airsoft weapons come with an orange extension on the barrel to identify it as not an actual gun, but evidently Rice or someone else had removed that. When a police officer responding to 911 calls told Rice to raise his hands, he instead reached for the gun that was tucked in his waistband.

Please, Black Lives Matter, tell us what we are supposed to do in this situation.

* Singapore is the most law & order country in the world and it’s an immigrant country. But notice they are extremely selective in what type of immigrants they let in.

Singapore does not let in too many Arab Muslims and Black immigrants, because these two demographics will destroy the law & order society that Singapore has worked hard to create.

Singapore law enforcement does not have to deal with a lot of Michael Brown types and Syrian rapists.

* What is the justification for keeping a violent person alive if that person is crazy? I don’t want to pay taxes to institutionalize them or keep them on welfare, or have to worry about them attacking me because they’re like a pit bull let loose on the street–maybe they’ll turn violent for no reason, maybe not. But the constant threat of their violence makes them like tyrants who always threatening the life and liberty of other people.

I’m all for shooting them. To do otherwise is sentimentalism. America has become a society that is so askew in its philosophy that to protect one individual, we choose to endanger a whole group of others–and refuse to recognize the right of those others to be protected all. That’s classic muddle-headed libtard thinking.

Would you go back in time to kill Hitler if it would save the lives of tens of millions of people? Liberal always say no, because murder is wrong (even though liberals tend to be atheists who don’t believe in a punishing God in an afterlife–so by their own philosophy, there’s no penalty for murdering Hitler). Conservatives say, Of course I would, are you dumb? It’s tens of millions of lives weighted against one life, and if that one life is incredibly evil, then there’s no problem making this decision. You kill Hitler, of course.

* These pansy methods of subduing shooters are not The American Way. That’s not who we are.

Our police shoot. They shoot to kill. They beat and crush the offenders with their batons. And we televise such police shootings and beatings. And we love it. We crave the blood of the transgressor, of the violator, of the offender. Violence is in our blood. America started as a white slave colony and morphed into a black slave colony. And violence was necessary to control the slaves. Floggings. Beatings. The crack of the whip. The gallows. The firing squad. We love the taste of blood. We no longer get to see our criminals be punished because the criminal “justice” system aka The Correctional Industrial Complex has subverted and perverted the traditional blood-oriented punishment phase. The punishment of the offender is now eliminated or hidden away. The societal catharsis and growth available via public punishment has been eliminated, sad to say.

So we satisfy our need for violence and justice, our taste for blood, in other ways. Such as by shooting mentally-shaky transgressors, the offenders. Drink deeply and slake thy thirst.

Or you can just wait for football season, instead….

* Singapore works because it is 80% Han Chinese and an authoritarian paternalistic state, it is NOT a liberal democracy. By ‘work’, I mean it has great economic performance stretching back over half a century, and brilliant social indicators.

It is the size of the island of Anglesey off the cost of North Wales and has 5.5 million people and is just off the equator.

As well as its demographics, it has benefited from its position on trade routes, the British colonial legacy – in law, property and contract rights, the English language and post independence good governance, bequeathed by the People’s Action Party led by Harry Lee, better known as Lee Kuan Yew.

Given demographics within certain tolerances* and good governance, it is possible to have well functioning vibrant multiculturalism. But it is not possible to have multiculturalism and functioning liberal democracy.

* Singapore wouldn’t work anything like it does if instead of being 80% Han Chinese, it was – say 80% black South African.

* Rodney King was not shot even though he tried to disarm a CHP officer and then the LAPD successfully dealt with him non lethally. Result? Two bogus trials and free money for a career criminal.

* We will pretty much never see a YouTube video or news story of the 99/100 times when the cops talked a crazy, drunk, high, etc. person down and quietly resolved the situation with nobody shot or tazed or beaten up. Those aren’t news. This lack probably distorts the hell out of our public discussions about police misconduct.

* If we are going to spend so much effort on shielding such men from the effects of their folly I wish we would spend a little more effort on what to do with them afterwards.

I lived in a town that was also home to a large mental hospital at the time that the court dumped the “patients” on the street. It wasn’t pretty. I’m all for these people and criminals to be as self supporting as possible when held in institutions, but the court fixed that, too.

* Corollary: How many people hacked to death are acceptable in order to not upset the author’s sense of decorum.

Pepperball Launch System, FN303, 40mm grenade launcher. So many options, but until you’ve dealt with a legitimate crazy person you realize sometimes only a bullet willl work.

* Another dilemma awaiting a high tech solution is that of Islamist terrorist groups holding up in the midst of civilian populations, like Isis in Raqqa. A gas that puts people to sleep for a few hours without endangering their lives would be ideal. Saturate a neighborhood with it, or even a whole city, and then go in and separate out the bad guys from the innocent.

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