Next Time, No More Mr Nice Guy

I write out three pages of my thoughts every morning.

Here are some excerpts from my journal:

I picture myself at a reconciliation meeting with the rabbi.

"What do you want to do differently this time around?" he asks.

"This time," I say, "no more Mr. Nice Guy."

Huh! Try to impeach my credentials now! Look at my certificate and weep, oh you faithless rabbis!

That hot blonde chick behind the counter at Starbucks. She looks at me with disdain.

I fear that I am a monster. I need more therapy. I’m so vindictive.

I’m popular at yoga. I’m popular in the Alexander community.

I’ve cut the bitches out of my life before. I can do it again. The way to handle these ball-busters is to stay cool, calm and collected. Why cry over a 40-year old when I can marry a hot 20-year old?

I’ve out maneuvered the rabbis who tried to destroy me. There’s a new sheriff in Pico-Robertson and his name is Levi Ben Avraham. These lying philandering cheating corrupt rabbis are gonna get written up on my blog.

They cry peace, peace when there is no peace.

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