Single Women Preferring Dogs To Men

I’ve noticed a lot of otherwise hot chicks are so into taking care of animals that they are too much trouble to date. They have so many animals around that their place is filled with fleas. Or you ask them out and their obligations to their animals makes them too much trouble. Or you go out with them and they’re surrounded by animals and it makes them too much trouble to spend the night with or to take out.

You want to bring them in to your hovel but they have dogs in their car and can’t come in.

You want to have a real conversation over dinner with friends but she goes on and on and on about stupid dogs.

Sometimes you try to make a friendly move on her and her stupid dogs bite you.

Sometimes you can’t have sex with a girl because her animals will get too excited and will interrupt things or nip at your tender parts.

Here’s a news report from Australia:

THEY used to be man’s best friend – but now it’s single women whose lives have gone to the dogs.

Australia’s single women are turning their backs on men and opting for a much more loyal and reliable companion – a dog.

"In the past year 60 per cent of our new business has come from young single women," Sydney Petcare owner Richard Durant said.

"It’s a growing trend I’ve noticed over the last few years. These are women who live busy lives.

"They want company when they get home. In many cases you’ll find the dog sleeps in their bedroom, and even in bed with them."

Dogs New South Wales president Dr Peter Higgins agreed.

"The fastest growing segment of dog owners in the inner city is young single women," he said.

"It’s almost like a child substitute. They lead busy lives and they’re not in a relationship.

"That’s why dogs like Maltese terriers, which are the second most popular dog in Australia and the most popular dog in Sydney, are popular – they’re little and they have human-like features."

DENNIS PRAGER SAID ON HIS RADIO SHOW: For years I’ve noted that whenever I’ve read or seen a story about animal rights, it’s invariably single females leading the way. The female desire to nurture is so deep that if they don’t have husbands and children to take care of, women will nurture animals.

Such women are taking the easy way out. It’s much easier to relate to a dog than to a human. But not as rewarding.

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