Pitbulls Account for Half of Dog Fatalities

And blacks account for about half of murders in America.

Comments to Steve Sailer:


* So Presas kill 2,582 times more per capita than labs.

For some extreme human disparities, blacks in Chicago were 45 times more likely to be arrested for burglary than Asians. In New York City, blacks were 98 times more likely to be arrested than whites for “shooting.” Baltimore residents commit murder at 71 times the rate of Japanese. Baltimoreans, however, are peaceful compared to Central Americans, who have several cities with more than 3 times the Baltimore murder rate (and 200x times the Japanese rate).

From 1986 to 2012, 676,776 immigrants from murder champion El Salvador came to the United States. The country has a population of 6.3 million, indicating the United States imported about 11% of murder-champion El Salvador’s population.

During the same period, 172,000 Japanese immigrated to the United States, meaning the United States imported 0.14% of Japan’s population of 127 million. In summary, a Salvadorean is about 200 fold more likely to murder someone than a Japanese, and a Salvadorean is also about 80 fold more likely to become an immigrant to the United States.

Murder-champion El Salvador is one of several wonderful countries full of great people that get special immigration treatment called “Temporary Protected Status.” Some of those other countries are Haiti, Honduras, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, and South Sudan. People from TPS countries can come illegally and receive work permits, and are not subject to deportation. The “temporary” part of TPS is kind of a joke. Honduras has been on the TPS list since 1998. Resident of Japan do not get these privileges, and often have to deal with a lot of red tape before they can work in the United States.

* Gee, it’s almost as if certain subgroups of a species can have different evolutionary histories, and therefore different genetically encoded behaviours. *Brain-chip buzzes* I mean, I blame systemic structures of oppression against pitbulls and labrador-privilege. No other explanation is possible.

I’ve always found it amusing when middle class blue-pillers in my own homeland go on like raving Himmlerites about purity of the line and blood etc. when discussing their expensive inbred animals, but are quite incapable of applying the same line of thought to, well I’ll leave it there.

* Considering that many pit bulls are poorly trained, socialized, and encouraged to be aggressive, to the extent they receive any attention at all – just like their owners – this isn’t at all surprising When I lived in a nearly all-black DC neighborhood, with a single exception it was the only breed of dog any of the black neighborhood residents owned. They were mostly left in the yard by themselves most of the time unless taken for a stroll around the area to show off, and I don’t recall any being able to follow even rudimentary commands like “sit” or “heel.”

Some people argue that they aren’t really any worse than other breeds and perhaps that’s true if they have responsible owners, but in my observations they are often owned by people who don’t value them as companions but as accessories to their gangsta image.

* In my experience, which has included having my dog mauled on a public street by a neighbor’s pit bull, the owners are drug dealers or society’s discontents who want a guard dog to alert them to strangers and more especially the Law. Owning a pit bull is a badge or mark of membership for them.

When my dog was attacked by an unrestrained pit bull my wife pepper sprayed it (which caused it to release its death grip on my dog’s neck) simultaneously I grabbed it by its hind leg and began spinning it in giant circles like a kid does with a bucket filled with water (like the water, the pit bull’s head stays in its place i.e. away from your hand). At the peak of a whirl, I let it go. It flew about thirty feet, landed in a pile, righted itself, oriented itself and turned to renew its attack. These things are relentless. Luckily, the owner with kids in tow had showed up by then and managed to subdue it. Ever since then I have carried my legally licensed concealed pistol when walking the dog. Next pit bull that attacks me, my wife or dog gets shot. This attack wasn’t the first. The first time, my dog bolted in retreat and jerked my wife backward so that she fell hindmost into a ditch. The police are indifferent. There is no law against a dog killing another dog in my state. To settle, an aggrieved owner must pursue justice on their own initiative through civil courts. Only if the dog bites you do the police take action.

* An ironic twist is as the blank slate denied the existence of impulsively violent genetics in humans the people in the areas effected by all the impulsively violent human genetics introduced into their previously safe environment in turn denied the blank slate and physically bred scarier versions of scary dogs.

And the media refusing to admit dogs can be bred for aggression is necessary to maintain the blank slate lie.

We are living in a civilization poisoned by lies.

* It would be interesting to discover what percentage of the pitbull problems are the result of their genes, and what percentage is the result of their so often being the property of criminal scum.

* “Pit Bull” is a lot like “assault rifle”: it’s a term people use to describe something they find scary-looking, regardless of the actual mechanism/genetics. Dogs that commit fatal attacks generally don’t have AKC papers or genetic tests. Dogs labeled “pit bull” are usually mixes or other breeds entirely (Cane Corso, AmStaff, Boxer, etc.) So it’s hard to draw conclusions about the behavioral genetics of specific breeds from that data.

The other major confound is that dog breeds aren’t randomly distributed among owners, so it’s very difficult to control for the environment in which the dog was raised. Put another way: the problem may not be the “pit bulls” themselves, but the fact that “pit bulls” tend to appeal to the kind of people who become bad owners.

Put another way: The data may simply reflect an a-priori assumption that “pit bulls” are dangerous. So jerks who like the idea of having a dangerous dog tend to get pit bulls (and train them to be dangerous). And dogs that are involved in violent incidents are likely to be labeled “pit bulls” regardless of actual genetics.

* There’s a lot of denial involved with this subject. Every time there’s a story about some pitbull-mix type dog suddenly snapping and killing someone’s child the comments section has people stating the breed is wonderful and friendly, placing the blame with the owners. Partly true but numbers are numbers. So why take a chance at all with the breed? They’re not that attractive. Around here the people with them are just the shady drug dealer petty criminal looking types. There’s no need for them for the average person who just wants a companion pet.

* For some reason, most straight women and especially nurturing type women do not have what it takes to make a dog know its place in the home. The only man who would not naturally understand physical pecking orders would be someone who was home-schooled.

A dog that thinks it is the boss, or does not know it is going to get a severe “correction” the moment it looks the wrong way at your kids, is as dangerous as a loaded weapon. The warning signs are predictable if you know what to look for as well. The problem is, a lot of people don’t. That dog that is growling as your kids try and take its toy away? Serious dominance hierarchy problems.

This is more going to be a problem with naturally dominant breeds of dogs. And with such dogs, they will not know to obey properly until you start controlling their life and issuing corrections that are strong enough to cause a yelp. Of course, doing so is going to cause anyone mildly SJWish in nature to be triggered. They anthropomorphize the dog, and do not try and understand the dog on its own merits.

Unfortunately a log of (most?) dog schools don’t seem to teach the pack structure thing, and they try and do everything with positive training and with limp-wristed negative training.

By and large women, especially city women don’t understand “tough love” and that sometimes a little viciousness and cruelty is warranted in life. Civilization brings effeteness. That is something that can be said for farm-women types, they are generally not this way.

* When my son was a toddler, he got knocked over by an extremely affectionate pit bull who stood astride him while he giggled on the ground. On one level, it was a charming scene, and no harm came to him, but you can bet that I got right in there to extricate him. He looked an awful lot like prey at that moment, and it would have been a nightmare if her kill switch had flipped at that moment.

Here in Far North Portlandia, there are tons of pit bull blends in shelters, and we’re a very SWPL town, so the ones I’ve met tend to be friendly and well-socialized. But the kill switch is always in the back of my mind.

* My mother owns a pit bull she raised from a puppy, and it seems to straddle the lumpy couch potato/assault weapon line pretty well. She told me once a vibrant youf tried kicking in the door to her house in an apparent home invasion attempt and wasn’t expecting an 80lb missile to maul him when the door flew open. When the police showed up she was able to reach over and grab him and he let go when she said so. This was after five minutes of mauling though IDK if maybe he was tired of his new toy or what.

Mind you, this was a few years ago and other than that incident he seems to have gone right back to a lumpy couch potato who gets bossed around by two shih tzus. Your results may vary but I know he was raised well so there certainly is a nurture component.

However I had an experience similar to an above poster where I was out walking the dog one night and two white trash youths set their dog on mine and cheered him up to the point my dog (what we thought was a chow/rott cross but turned out to be a Tibetan mastiff) disembowled theirs in the middle of the street.

* America will continue have this tragic carnage until:

1) it finally owns up to its centuries long oppression and degradation of pit bulls.

2) Abolishes every disgraceful form of institutional Breedism ( e. g. denial of or higher rates for Homeowners Insurance for Pit Bull households ) that blights this nation founded on equality for all.

3) Require that Labradors be required to attend Labrador Privilege Awareness training sessions.

4) Finally have sufficient decency to address the national disgrace of Pit Bull over-incarceration in the nation’s Dog pounds!

5) And have sufficient honesty and humility to admit that The War On Bites was Breedist motivated and has been a spectacular failure.

* It’s not an accident that Americans have allowed a violent dog to spread all over a society where we no longer believe in culling the genes of violent humans. If people are frightened of each other, they’ll go out and get a dangerous dog. Blacks love owning pits because they live close to other blacks who are insanely violent. If we executed everyone in this country who had ever committed a felony with the vigor of a Victorian hanging judge, our country would be as safe as Switzerland. If you want to protect your society, you have to snip off the gene lines of criminal families.

* Pit bull ownership is the inverse of the Social Justice Warrior’s virtue signaling.

* I am glad to see Steve writing about pitbulls. They are a dangerous breed often owned by ghetto people. The statistics are correct, but they don’t show the sheer stupidity of ownership.

Pitbulls have been outlawed in some states, and I think they should be everywhere.

I do not stay this lightly. I grew up from age 10 with a German shepherd. Born to our family dog, he grew up with me. Together, we attended “obedience training,” which is as much training for the human as the dog.

My dog was my best friend for 15 years. Together, we traveled the United States, climbing mountains and hiking famous trails. Never did he bark at, growl at, or threaten a human being. He was too smart and well-trained for that — even though he would have killed to protect me.

Pitbull owners are morons. This is a biodiversity issue. The breed is idiotic, bred to fight and kill, but unpredictable and stupid. Pitbulls are useless. Get rid of them as fast as you can.

* Low IQ idiots walking their pitbulls is one of many reasons not to live in a poor neighborhood. It is also one of many reasons to stop all low IQ and third world immigration. You basically only see young male hispanics with vicious breed dogs, never something cute, friendly, or interesting to look at. A well kept and beautiful rare breed dog brightens everyone day who sees it out walking and is always a white or asian owner.

* So a guy pops in to a biker bar and asks, “Who owns the pit bull chained up outside?” A nasty looking dude looks at the guy and says. “I do. Do you have a problem with that?’ The first guy replies, “Actually, I don’t have a problem, but you do. My dog just killed your dog.” The biker jumps off his barstool and screams, “Killed my dog? What type of dog do you have?” The first guy backs up a bit and answers ” A Chihuahua.” The biker looks at him and says, ” How the f*ck did a Chihuahua kill my pit bull?” The first guy turns to run and says over his shoulder…..”I think it got caught in his throat.”

* Not a lot of African Americans and Hispanics like golden retrievers, because they see them as a White people dog and most NAMs do not want to culturally assimilate into Whiteness a.k.a mainstream American culture.

* HBD theories probably would not exist if it weren’t for the huge, incontrovertible body of evidence in the animal and plant worlds that supports racial diversities in form and substance. Race apparently describes separations existing between the family or line, and the specie levels. The question isn’t whether pit bulls are innately more physically aggressive than most other races of dog. Obviously they are, for these qualities were selected through generations of careful and not so careful breeding.

The question is whether these aggressive tendencies can override the fundamental predisposition toward pack bonding. Almost any dog can be trained, using immediate, firm, and consistent discipline, to tolerate other creatures, even cats and chickens. I doubt that even pit bulls are beyond redemption in this regard. The limiting factor is the attention and careful discipline that good behavior may require for an extra-aggressive individual. I suspect it is frequently lacking.

On the other hand, although the number of pit bulls who have maimed or killed a human being is almost certainly negligible relative to the pit population, this fact will be of no consolation to the families of the dead.

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