The Coalition Of The Fringes Against Whites

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* What a terrific reveal of the thinking of young asian-americans! Their voting patterns certainly suggested as much, but it’s becoming pretty clear that asians hate Whites even more than NAMs, but given their higher IQs (relative to NAMs) are much more classy about it. And of course they have swank degrees from cool schools to camouflage everything. This Chang guy’s fantasy world involves butchering Whites on a mass scale. Fantastic. He’s little different from the Korean guy with that Gagnam Style song a couple of years back who couldn’t say enough bad things about the US. The buggers jsut hate us Whites a lot. Could it be that too many American servicemen took too many liberties with these guys’ mothers and grandmothers on the Peninsula in the last 65 years. The Jews have their ancient grudges involving “exclusive” golf courses. At least the Koreans’ seems a little more understandable.

So much for Derbyshire’s alliance of the “Ice People”.

That’s why Steve’s coalition of the fringes argument isn’t very good. What unifies all non-Whites is their hatred of Whites. Asians hate us Whites a lot more than they fear AA or Blacks “dating” their daughters.

* You can tell this is a snow job by the fact that he lists a bunch of “boring” baseball superstars without mentioning the counterexample of Bryce Harper, the white Mormon reigning MVP with a highly colorful personality who is the biggest star in the game right now.

* Kang wrote probably the worst bit of Millennial* navel-gazing in this article that is ostensibly “about” Ichiro:

As a Mariners fan who liked Bill Simmons, I was excited that Grantland was doing a feature on Ichiro, but then bummed to find out that it was a feature on Jay Caspian Kang.

*I am a Millennial, so I’m free to gripe about this.

* Suppose I migrated to Asia or Africa and complained about the unbearable dominant human color in either place because it ia what it is – though changing for sure – in the U.S. and Europe – but not fast enough? The New York Times and mainstream media generally are owned and operated by whom and with what agendas? Is “white” in the way of those recently come to considerable power in the West? In the way of what? These are questions that should be asked openly and answered truthfully. Why aren’t they? Bad for business? Whose business? What if I migrated to “Israel” – or would I not be allowed? Why not? I pay taxes to help support that country. These are valid questions, are they not?

* “Mauer has probably made 10-15 times more money in baseball than he would have in the NFL.”

There are so many factors that make this true:

1. Baseball careers last longer, due both to injuries and the fact that skill is more important than pure athleticism.

2. Baseball has 10 times as many games in a season, which means way more tickets and hours of live TV programming to sell.

3. Baseball’s players’ union is stronger, because the players are not as desperate for an immediate payday and can wait out a strike, as compared to NBA and NFL players, for demographic reasons.

4. In fact factors 1 and 2 compound into factor 3 because they know most of them can look forward to a few more years of paychecks.

5. Baseball you can start making money right out of high school. NFL you have to be three years out.

* That CBS article mentions that MLB has the most minority managers.

It should be pointed out that baseball is the major sport where the head coach has the least impact on outcomes. MLB teams can take a flier on a well-liked guy who is kind of a flake, like Ron Washington. But football coaches have to be Belichek/Saban types, because that’s the only way you can win.

* Vladimir Guerrero got his big payday in 2004 from the SoCal Angels owner Arte Moreno, the billboard king who is a genuine self-made Mexican American billionaire (the only one, last I checked). Moreno pays a lot for Spanish-speaking superstars like Albert Pujols — part of his strategy is to win away the Los Angeles Dodgers Mexican-American fanbase.

One problem with Moreno’s strategy, however, is that the best Spanish-speaking ballplayers tend to be part-black Caribbeans like Guerrero and Pujols rather than mestizo Mexicans. The Dodgers cemented their hold on Mexican-Americans back in the 1980s with Fernando Valenzuela, a tubby but heroic highly Indio Mexican pitcher. They also got a few years out of East L.A. product Nomar Garciaparra, and now they have a solid first baseman in Adrian Gonzalez, a Mexican-American born in California. So the Dodgers still have done better at representing Mexican-Americans so far.

* The problem with a baseball career is you have to have specific skills rather than just all around athletic talent. For example Toby Gerhart, the runner up for the Heisman in 2009, was a decent college baseball player at Stanford, but his college batting statistics suggested he just wouldn’t get his bat on the ball at the major league level often enough to make use of his strength and speed. So he went to the NFL and backed up Adrian Peterson at running back.

* One thing he overlooks is virtually all umpires are white.

Umpires can play with the outcome of a game, like the 2011 world series when they refused to strike out Cardinals players until they scored a hit.

* Ta-Nehisi Coates made the front page of the Boston Globe today…for guest writing a comic book.

No seriously.

Let me just say that Coates isn’t doing anything new; many “nerdy” celebrities have guest-written a comic book for a while. Kevin Smith was a big one who did a Batman and a Green Arrow, but others have as well. It’s a gimmick marketing ploy and produces the typical subpar fair you’d expect when a celebrity in one field is given creative control in another field simply for the celebrity name value.

Normally, such a gimmick is given little publicity, since it’s largely cheap attention-whoring, like having hot chicks work your booth at a comic convention. But Coates gets front page of the Boston Globe, a paper he doesn’t write for, and an alleged “serious” paper than just had an Oscar-winning movie made about its “work” (Spotlight).

Man, to be black and whiny and to know the right people….

Too bad that still won’t make him any less of a disappointment and embarrassment to his father.

* So, basically, he figured out that no one much cares about an Asian man writing about his inner turmoil over his “Asianness,” unless he masks it with a lot of faux concern about Blacks….

* Or, perhaps the market incentives in the American media merely encourage ambitious Asian-American verbalists like Seoul Brother #1 to dwell publicly on how much they hate whites as a way to justify rule by the Coalition of the Fringes?

* While in high school college football recruiters were salivating over the prospect of Alex Rodriguez as a college qb. He was said to have a cannon arm. Instead he opted for baseball. The steroid controversy notwithstanding, he clearly made the right choice.

* Baseball isn’t nearly as punishing on the body as football, so baseball players tend to play longer. I remember thinking at the time Bo Jackson was crazy for playing both football and baseball instead of just the latter, and sure enough, after just four years he was seriously injured playing football. He did manage to play baseball for a few more years, but I’ll bet even with all the extra look-he-plays-both-sports endorsement money whether he would have been better off financially (not to mention physically) just playing baseball.

* As a baseball player on the major league level, Michael Jordan was a total bust. Ted Williams once said that the single most difficult act in sports is to make solid contact with a round bat on a round ball being thrown with “movement” at between 90 and 100 mph. Notwithstanding that he may have been the greatest hitter who ever lived, even Williams was successful only 34% of the time. In terms of skill sets, basketball, football and hockey simply pale in comparison.

* The talk about baseball ratings skewing white male is not a bad thing for baseball economics.

Blacks and hispanics have less money, watch more TV, and watch even more commercials by being less likely to have commercial avoiding techs and premium channels. Those factors combined make the attention of a white male to an advertiser about 5 times more valuable than a black or hispanic male.

* The fact that the NYT even published this article shows its low quality (in absolute terms… I know it’s still high-quality relative to the abysmal quality of most publications). In my ideal world, the editor would have called Kang up and said “You know Guerrero has chosen to never learn English, right? Do you really think anyone but Guerrero is to blame for his lack of fame in the US? If you send me another garbage pieve like this then you will never see one word of yours published in the NYT. You understand me, son?”

* I don’t think I’ve ever read a newspaper column or op-ed piece by a Korean-American journalist that wasn’t all about castigating whitey for his “racism” and trying to suck up to blacks. Korean-American journalists must win the prize for having the most boringly limited repertoire of any writers. Even black journalists exhibit more variety in their subject matter.

* Several NFL QBs like Russell Wilson and Brandon Weeden tried to play baseball and couldn’t get out of the minor leagues.

* Basketball is a close second, but basketball players still have to coordinate their actions during the game in a way that baseball players don’t. Baseball really is a mostly individual sport masquerading as a team sport. That’s why the baseball All-Star Game is, apart from all of the substitutions, played basically the same way as a regular game, while the NBA All-Star Game bears almost no resemblance to normal basketball, and the NFL Pro Bowl even less so.

The season prior to Kerr’s arrival with the Warriors, they had basically the same personnel and won 62% of their games. Since he was hired, they’ve won 85% of the time and will probably have two championships in two years. It shouldn’t be counted against Kerr that the system he put in place works so well that his assistant could run it to perfection during his absence. Plus there’s no way to know whether Luke Walton might be a great coach in his own right.

* Danny Ainge was at one time a two-sport guy, but couldn’t manage to achieve an acceptable MLB batting average. One story indicated that he was encouraged to leave the Toronto Blue Jays by an unusual message. It seems that there may have been a basketball thrown from the stands toward him in the outfield to suggest full-time relocation to the NBA. O, Canada.

* Turgid prose completely disconnected from reality? Check. Oh so serious attitude about an oh so serious subject? Check. I predict this young man will go far. But not far enough to suit me.

* Coach [Steve] Kerr comes from a family of WASP Arabists who helped found the premiere educational institution in the Middle East, the American University of Beirut. When I was at UCLA in the early 1980s, his father Malcolm Kerr had a nice job as UCLA’s Vice-Chancellor. But then Dr. Kerr quit to go back to Beirut in the middle of the civil war to rebuild the American University. He was assassinated there by some terrorist in 1984.

* It is sort of interesting that we are forever being told of the impending hispanic surge in America as they are ratcheting up their percentage of the population. They have now grown to 20 percent of the population and are possibly headed to 50%. The one game hispanics seem to participate in proportion to their numbers is baseball. Whether baseball embraces its hispanic stars or not, at least baseball has hispanic stars. Football and basketball have very, very few hispanic stars.

If anything baseball is diverse and more accurately represents the US population. Football and especially basketball do not.

BTW baseball does try to attract hispanics. Each year my local team has a special Viva Los Royals night that caters to our hispanic community. They also have a Los Royals website that is written in Spanish.

Football and basketball might be more popular at the moment, but baseball seems to have the demographics behind it. If the US is going to become part of Latin America it would appear that baseball and soccer are going to be the big games.

Maybe tomorrow the NYT can do a story about how football and basketball need to identify and nurture young hispanic talent so as to better diversify. But like you have pointed out before, the liberals only seem to be interested in uplifting blacks. Hispanics don’t really matter except for their potential at the ballot box. And as we’ve been told, they’ve been a great disappointment consistently punching below their weight.

* Asians are copiers. The overwhelming social dynamic in America in media and education (at all levels) is the SJW. Americanized Asians, hence, become SJWs. And since they have little religion, their religious impulses go towards Social Justice, which coincides PERFECTLY with their real religion, which is status climbing.

Chinese, Indians, Koreans — they are all insufferable when they get the SJW bug.

* Take out the Asian thing for a moment. He went to Bowdoin and then MFA from Columbia. How high is the chance that he is an assimilationist (citizenist, in your phrasing) conservative? He could be a white male with those credentials, and the chance of him being a self-loathing (in rhetoric, in anyway) SJW is pretty high.

Of course, posting something like this is a dog whistle move of sorts – it riles up the white nationalists: “See, yellows hate whites too!”

In reality, residential and marriage patterns show that, far from hating whites, most Asians are quite comfortable living next to, and marrying, whites.

I will concede this one point – the likes of Kang are certainly an indication that the universities are engines of indoctrinating the relatively ideologically naïve Asians into ersatz white SJWs… because I am pretty certain that the parents of the same are not.

* Unbearable straightness of professional sports
Unbearable gayness of the fashion industry
Unbearable Jewishness of Hollywood
The possibilities of this approach are endless…

* Where are the screams for diversity in the Korean Baseball Organization or the Nippon Baseball league? Koreans are probably some of the most racist/xenophobic people on the planet. I have no problem with that, but just shut the hell up when you come to the US. Funny how he keeps a Caucasian name as well.

* Baseball is actually more reflective of American demographics because 80% of Dominicans – a huge chunk of the Latino cohort – are in fact black, by conventional judgement of race. But don’t tell Dominicans that they are black. No, they are pure blooded criollos of ancient Castilian stock, at least that is what they tell themselves.

Dominicans really dislike blacks.

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