‘Drilling On Mother Earth Is Like Stabbing Your Mother’

Dennis Prager on his radio show Monday: "That’s how the Left feels about it and the Left is ruled by their feelings."

Prager was in Dallas Sunday night to give a talk to Jews and Christians who’ve raised money for a hospital in Israel.

At an exclusive reception before the speech, Dennis told a man that he liked his tie.

After his speech, the man gave Prager his tie.

Now Prager fears complimenting anyone on their tie again. What if Prager told a guy he liked his pants?

On Tuesday’s show, Dennis noted that the Obama administration has cut missile defense by 40% at a time that North Korea is threatening Hawaii with a long distance missile.

Dennis can’t think of anything the Obama administration is doing that is making America better.

"If there’s a simple explanation that makes sense, it’s probably the one," says Dennis. "Barak Obama is the first man of the ideological New Left to take over as President of the United States of America. The proof is…the so-called coup in Honduras, where the leader Manuel Zevaya was becoming an essential dictator."

"It took five days for the president to use tough language about the crackdown in Iran…but he reacted immediately to what happened in Honduras."

"It was not a coup. It was a completely legal act ordered by the Supreme Court of Honduras. The man Zelaya was subverting the constitution of the country on his own, preparing to become an elected dictator. His own party spoke out against him. The military was told by the Supreme Court that you have to take this man out and put in his number two from his own party. Did you ever hear of a coup where they put in power the next guy from the same party? Zelaya had fired the head of the country’s armed forces when he refused to use his troops to provide logistical support for a referendum designed to help Zelaya escape the country’s one-term limit for presidents. Members of Zelaya’s own party voted last week that he was not fit for office."

"I’m embarrassed that my country did not support for the forces of liberty in Iran and did not support the forces of liberty in Honduras. I’m pro-democracy, but my biggest fight is for liberty. The United States of America is on the side of the non-liberty forces in Honduras. What a shame on us."

"There have been two good things about the Obama presidency. It’s put to rest the notion that America is a racist country… The charge is made less frequently. I’ve always wanted there to be a black president. I’ve wanted a black president I agreed with.

"The other [good thing] is that it is clarifying. Everything that people like myself have said about the Left is now confirmed. You now know what they want to do… Their task is to make the state the dominant factor in people’s lives. That is what the Left has wanted to do since Marx. There is no change.

"The Left believes in the state. The Right believes in the individual. You do not know what to do with your own money. The Left knows what to do with your money because they are smarter, finer, more compassionate, more intelligent, more scientific. Everything good. They will tell you what light bulbs to use. They will tell you what temperature your house should be. They will tell you what kind of language you may use on a daily basis. They will tell you what kind of questions you may ask on your job. They will regulate more and more. They now want to regulate Tylenol. They love power. They know better than the rest of us how we should live. Their contempt for the individual is deep."

"I am fascinated by how the president says in the same speech that we are headed for insolvency because of Medicaid, Medicare, therefore we should take over the entire medical system."

"There is not a centrist bone in [Obama’s] body."

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