Shining A Light

Shira emails: Dear Luke, I am thinking of you, while working. What comes to mind is that things are coming together. Your important work and service to the community is bearing fruits. In the past, I have stated that it’s time to clean up the community from the self appointed leadership and corruptions. To my disappointment, it was not done. You give me a ray of hope: perhaps things are moving… Cases in point: The issue with the Ger Tzedek. He is getting ‘a new ear’ in civil court. The fact that the story was published here, is NO coincidence!!!

The other story that is gaining momentum, in my opinion is the Meir Kin divorce and ‘The pretending Agunah’. No one else had the right ‘equipment’ tell the story baldly, only you!!! Y’shar Koach.

Chaim Amalek emails: There was a time five years ago when I would check Luke’s website five or six times a day, just to see what he was posting (which often was what I was writing). Not so these days. To begin (and end) with, the substitution of news about LA’s rabbis for the chance to interact with fertile young white women (even if it was at a great remove) just does not inspire one to read it or contribute much to the effort of writing it. (Also, the "Failed Messiah" website does a better job of Jewish muckraking, possibly because it is the work of someone who was born into the orthodox world and thus has an edge that Luke as the never-quite-accepted "convert" cannot match.) This is sad, because we can all see the trajectory being followed here and where it leads. But I don’t see any good options left for Luke. He had his moment in the sun but simply failed to seize and build upon it.

Khunrum emails: “His latest “column” lost it’s Sunday errrr! excuse me, Saturday Punch. The news is turgid, depressing and lost the one plus that made old Luke such a joy to be involved with, Humor!”

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