Season’s Greetings

Just before every major Jewish holiday, you find in Jewish publications such as The Jewish Week and the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles various forms of "Season’s Greetings" aka "Rosh Hashanah Greetings" aka "Chanukkah Greetings" aka "Passover Greetings" from numerous politicians and businesses and non-profits with money to burn.

Dr. Marc B. Shapiro noted that a non-Orthodox synagogue in an edition of The Jewish Week just before Chanukkah takes out an ad for "Chanukkah Greetings." This whole notion of "Season’s Greetings" is a Gentile one. And this one non-Orthodox synagogue wishes people "a healthy and peaceful Chanukkah." As if Chanukkah has nothing to do with the fighting strength of the Maccabees and we’re instead celebrating the Prince of Peace aka Jesus.

(From Dr. Shapiro’s second lecture on David Zvi Hoffman for Torah in Motion.)

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