Men Are Repulsed By Fat Women, Women Are Repulsed By Weak Men

An attractive young woman messages me: “Luke? Help! How strange it is sometimes to experience much more positivity and attention from others after simply losing nearly 20 pounds. I am receiving some calls from guys who were dismissive of me before, more catcalls, and today a random dude in a restaurant sent over a drink and offered to pay my bill. I am not bragging, but am mentioning this to share how hurtful and upsetting it feels at times. People can be so superficial. More or less I’m the same girl I feel, but now am slimmer and a touch more healthy. It feels unfair.

It’s a struggle. I trying to solve this. I know you will have something of an off kilter answer. I am interested.”

That’s how the world works. Just as when a guy makes a million bucks, he becomes more attractive to women.
Embrace reality. Swallow the red pill.


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