‘I Thought You People Didn’t Drink Soda’

I ordered a $1.65 cup for the soda fountain at a goyisha cafeteria in Norwalk this afternoon.

The friendly Hispanic lady behind the counter said to me, pulling on imaginary sidecurls (payos): "I thought you people didn’t drink soda."

"Not many of us do," I said. "Maybe a Diet Coke."

I got my drink and sat down. The radio was tuned to black music.

An overweight but cute 40ish black lady behind me started dancing.

"You go girl!" I encouraged.

She told me as she danced that she was going to really dance today but that last week in this very cafeteria, she gave a male stranger a lap dance. "But I’m not going to give you one."

I haven’t had a lap dance in my life. I have truly preserved my purity and my wife will be grateful on our wedding night.

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