Smart Women Marry Money Says New Book

Fred emails: Gentlemen: This book doesn’t exactly break new ground. However, I assume that since you are all born romantics, you are undoubtedly outraged by and eschew the cynical notions contained therein. I was particularly piqued by the ethnic stereotype contained in the last few sentences of the second page.

From the ABC News report:

"Smart Girls Marry Money: How Women Have Been Duped into the Romantic Dream — and How They’re Paying for It."

"If falling in love is a valid reason to get married, then falling out of love is a reason for divorce," said Ford, whose husband left her two years ago to raise their now 8-year-old son, motivating her to write the book.

Ford’s enthusiasm for the topic was also fueled by a younger sister who graduated from college "looking for love" and ended up with "slacker guys who don’t pay the rent."

Her co-author, Drake, left her husband, because he had no concern for the couple’s finances. She is now remarried with two children.

A good marriage, they both say, is an economic partnership. And research shows that if a couple stays together long enough, the passionate love will reignite.

Such was case with one blogger on the Web site Urban Baby who said her best friend had always dated "rocker guys" but, instead, married a Jewish MBA consultant.

"She admits that he is not as sexy, interesting or thrilling as her past boys," she wrote. "But he is understanding and kind and super intelligent. I ‘m sure that loft in Tribeca didn’t hurt either."

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