She’s Looking For A Nice Jewish Boy

myannamills:  what are you doing with yourself these days. You are retired arent you?
 Luzdedos1:  jewish stuff
 myannamills:  haha i love jewish guys
 myannamills:  they are my weakness haha
 myannamills:  I"m a shikse
 myannamills:  haha
 myannamills:  I’ve been doing erotic horrors. Its good fun. I also had a stroke. Lucky for me I’m ok and it was just birth control that caused it.
 Luzdedos1:  oy ve
 myannamills:  haha yes oy ve
 myannamills:  I love it when you speak yiddish to me
 myannamills:  It was something called a tia. Have you ever heard of it?
 myannamills:  transient ischemic attack
 Luzdedos1:  never heard of it
 Luzdedos1:  sounds horrible
 myannamills:  Lucky for me its a stroke that does not last long enough to cause permenant damage.
 myannamills:  Its a good thing I started out very smart with as many times I’ve had brain injuries. *insert being dropped on my head joke here*
 myannamills:  I am lucky though. I actually thought I was going to die. It makes things seem very different. Things like that also show you which friendships are the kind that are fair weather and the kind that will weather the storm.
 myannamills:  I haven’t seen you in a long time.
 Luzdedos1:  many years
 myannamills:  Of course, I am pretty out of the loop. I was at the bunny ranch last year with Sunny Lane.
 myannamills:  Kacey Jordan was there too
 myannamills:  Do you know her?
 myannamills:  She is so cute.
 myannamills:  She has to be the cutest drunk I’ve ever seen. Sunny myself and Kacey went to see Motley Crue. It was fun getting to meet the guys back stage.
 myannamills:  Really good people watching. You must like people watching with what you do.
 myannamills:  Are you having chinese food tonight?
 myannamills:  Isn’t that what jewish people do?
 Luzdedos1:  yep, except me
 myannamills:  Why not?
 Luzdedos1:  dont like chinese food
 myannamills:  good reason
 myannamills:  What do you eat after your movie on christmas?
 myannamills:  I know its not actually hebrew law, but I am totally at a loss now.
 Luzdedos1:  nothing regular
 myannamills:  do you go see the movie?
 Luzdedos1:  sometimes
 myannamills:  haha
 myannamills:  These are things I’ve observed from  my friends that are more the reform type jew-ish people. It seems fairly consistant.
 myannamills:  Jew-ish meaning they are not religious, but Jewish non the less.
 myannamills:  have you ever joined jdate?
 myannamills:  Maybe I should be a journalist Luke. I love asking questions. People are interesting>
 myannamills:  I joined it recently.
 myannamills:  I’m not kidding. I did.
 Luzdedos1:  ok
 Luzdedos1:  why?
 myannamills:  the mother in law
 myannamills:  haha
 myannamills:  kidding
 myannamills:  Im bad with numbers…
 myannamills:  No, I just noticed my type is more common with Jewish guys.
 myannamills:  I am aware my children wouldnt be jewish. I was just checking it out to see if it worked.
 myannamills:  It didn’t but I did have an amazeing surge of jewish friends on facebook
 myannamills:  I also have a few pretty cool friends out of it.
 myannamills:  my ex bf is jewish and he was on there when i joined…man did he give me hell.
 myannamills:  it was funny
 myannamills:  what are the odds of having an x in a search i did for people in my area?
 myannamills:  did you meet anyone off of that site? my x said he only went out with non jewish girls and hes at the point now where he wants a jewish girl because hes ready for kids.
 Luzdedos1:  yeah, i did
 myannamills:  The jewish guy shall remain simpley Michael
 myannamills:  He was a main stream guy.
 myannamills:  Hes a great guy. We went out when we where both more wild.
 myannamills:  Of course I had Tommy Lees asst tell me I was too wild. Me? I’m pretty much a tea totaler.
 myannamills:  I guess thats not what people mean though.
 myannamills:  Beliving that your guy can have sex with other girls eqauls crazy to men. You would think it would be easy to find a guy like that, but its not. Not one that also is worth doing all of that for.
 myannamills:  It actually takes effort to do that, and the guy has to be a guy girls would want to be with too.
 Luzdedos1:  hmm
 myannamills:  Then he also actually has to treat me with respect. I guess what I want is a paradox.
 myannamills:  haha
 Luzdedos1:  hmm
 myannamills:  hmm is so ambiguous
 myannamills:  I met a guy with all of those things and I told him up front about the bunny ranch and porn and he broke it off.
 myannamills:  Better sooner then later I suppose
 myannamills:  I could have lied like everyone else.
 myannamills:  what did you mean by hmm luke/
 myannamills:  ?
 myannamills:  I’m going to take my dog out.
 myannamills:  Nice chatting with you. I hope you are doing well.
 myannamills:  good luck sweety

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