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About a year ago, I said to Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky, "When are you getting your own blog?"

He seemed pretty overwhelmed at the time and I did not expect him to post one any time soon.

I got an email about his new blog this morning and it came as a pleasant surprise. Far more people will read a rabbi’s blog than hear his sermons.


I often feel like I have the most powerful pulpit in Pico-Robertson, even though I am persona non grata at five of the main shuls (Bnai David-Judea, Aish HaTorah, Chabad Bais Bezalel, YICC, and Beth Jacob).

The most powerful rabbi in the world today is Rabbi Google.

Rabbi Kanefsky writes: "The claim here is not that Halacha is egalitarian. The distinctions with regard to edut and with regard to the obligation in certain mitzot remain as they are. The claim here rather is that all of the day-to-day, week in week out responisbilities of a typical pulpit rabbi can be done just as well by a competent and skilled man or woman. Why should someone be excluded from the entire profession of the rabbinate just because she can’t sign a ketuba?"

This new blog offers the opportunity to make comments and the bloggers, including Rabbi Kanefsky, respond.

If the gentle reader finds the civility on this new blog oppressive please know that you will always have a home here.

How long until the other rabbis in Pico-Robertson start blogging?

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