Israeli Hotline Attacks Mixed Marriages

Daily Mail: Racist extremists who set up a ‘hotline’ to inform on Jews in a relationship with ‘Arabs’ and who targeted Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg are openly peddling hate and violence – but the Israeli government won’t act.
Lehava, a radical fringe group in Israel, hunts down people sleeping with ‘goys’ – or non-Jews ‘- then ‘persuades’ them to separate, attacks Christians as ‘vampires’ and ‘bloodsuckers’ and is justifying attacks on churches using the Bible.
It accused supermodel Bar Rafaeli of ‘diluting the Jewish race’ if she did not split up Leonardo DiCaprio and has faced calls to be banned by the Pope.
Yet despite being under investigation for four years, the hate-filled campaigners operate in the central square of Jerusalem where they openly incite violence every Thursday night, the eve of the Israeli weekend.
And leader Benzi Gopstein boasted to MailOnline that he receives ten calls a day from Jewish people informing on friends who are dating non-Jews.

Emerging from a dimly-lit archway of a cobbled alley in the holy city of Jerusalem, waving black flags and shaking their fists in the air, they look like a gang of thugs.
The ‘whole meaning of life,’ Dov, a 21-year-old activist and Lehava coordinator for the central Israeil town of Modiin area explains, is to serve God and let the Bible guide your reason.
‘To do what God says you’re supposed to do, not what you think in your head that you’re supposed to do. And if you marry a non-Jew, it just means ‘I don’t give a rat’s ass about what God says -I want to be like everyone else who don’t have a God.’
Founded in 2009, Lehava means ‘the flame’, and is also an acronym in Hebrew for ‘Preventing Assimilation in the Holy Land’. For the activists, a relationship between a Jew and a non-Jew is a Biblical sin – and something to be fought against.
It went so far as to set up a ‘hotline’ enabling others to inform on those who have relations with non-Jews, termed ‘goys’.
‘If you are in contact with a goy and need assistance, press one,’ the Hotline’s answer phone message stated, the Times of Israel reported.
‘If you know a girl who is involved with a goy and you want to help her, press two.
‘If you know of a goy who masquerades as a Jew or is harassing Jewish women, or of locations where there is an assimilation problem, press three.’
In a recording of the hotline obtained by MailOnline this week, the group has dropped the specific demand for informers and instead advertises martial arts seminars for the training of the ‘Jewish Honour Guard’.
It also advertises upcoming protests together with ‘La Familia’, a notoriously racist football hooligan group who support ‘Beitar Jerusalem’ – the only football club in Israel’s premier league which has never signed an Arab player.
La Familia activists have in the past ripped and burned copies of the Quran at football matches, held up anti-Arab placards in the bleachers, and shouted insulting anti-Muslim and racist slogans.

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