Do We Need More Muslim Immigration?

David Kelsey emails:


I really don’t want to bother you guys when you aren’t ready, so let me know the following so I save emails and pleas for action.

Before you take Muslim immigration seriously as a threat to the Jewish community that requires mobilization against Muslim immigration, how many of the following still has to occur?
1) How many plots against the Jewish community still need to be uncovered?
2) How many Jewish buildings must still be successfully attacked by Muslims?
3) Please let me know which, if any, of the following, are also necessary to occur here by Muslims in order to take these problems seriously. Please note, it is assumed that in each cases listed below, Muslim anti-semitism was a contribution to motive.

A) Rape
B) Rape with knives and/or inserted blunt objects
C) Kidnapping
D) Kidnapping and torture
E) Acid thrown on a girl’s face to sanctify Mohammed
F) Plowing a car into a crowd of Jews
G) Grenades/Machine guns/bombs at a Jewish gathering

Thanks for your feedback, I don’t want to pressure anyone into xenophobia before they are ready. I hope none of the above ever happens again, but am quite fearful  that they will. Just keep ’em coming.



Last night’s arrest of four black men targeting Riverdale synagogues for destruction is only the latest example of how blacks are to be utilized against the American Jewish community by the Muslims. It seems interesting that Newburgh is not that far from the enlave Islamberg. We will see how interesting that is as details of their influence unfolds.

Racial-Marxists insist that the problems that Europe is facing from mass immigration will not be the same in the U.S. because the U.S. does not have the same colonial history as the other countries do, and treats immigrant groups differently.

These people are right. Mass immigration of Muslims in the U.S. will not have the same effects as in Europe. Here, it will be much, much worse.

True, the U.S. does not have the same colonial legacy as European countries. Rather, we have something far more enraging: we had chattel slavery. And the Muslims are proving increasingly adept at converting and influencing people of color to express and channel their resentment and rage through Islam. Nothing will assuage a significant segment of the black population infuriated over slavery. Not affirmative action, not government subsidies, not reparations, not a black president. Nothing. Those insisting that we focus on “root causes” of discontent ignore that the past cannot be changed.

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