Form Letter To Congress

Joe emails:

Dear Ms. ______:

I simply cannot believe that the Obama administration intends to move enemy combatants and terrorists held offshore in Cuba to the United States. There are many things about the Obama administration that irk me, especially his completely reckless economic plans, but I have taken the necessary measures to protect my finances while he destroys the nation’s finances. However, when it comes to the security of this country and my family’s well-being, I must respond because only the U.S. government can defend us.

The people held at Guantanamo Bay are not people who steal cars or forge checks. They are not drug dealers or even sexual predators. They are mass murderers, each and every one of them. They subscribe to the same ideology as the people attempting to blow up a synagogue in the Bronx. These people should not be welcome in our galaxy, let alone our country.

They were caught on the battlefield fighting for Al Qaeda or hiding in basements in Pakistan after killing 3,000 people. Say what you will about George W. Bush, but when he said that someone aiding a terrorist is a terrorist, he was right. These are not soldiers drafted into an army or even volunteering for the sake of a nation that decided to engage in war against our armed forces. These people are killers and they made their own bed when they decided to fight a war of terror against the US (and as I recall, it was a war against a two year old child on a transcontinental flight – her name was Christine Hansen, and she was on her way to Disneyland).

There should be no expectation on the part of renegade jihadists of any level of treatment by the US. I have no problem, and neither did you or Ms. Pelosi, with enhanced interrogation techniques. I do have a problem, unlike our President, with any remaining persons at Guantanamo Bay reaching US shores unless they are tried first offshore. I do not want to see the radicals use the prisons as rallying stations to harm the US.

Please, you are in a safe district and will serve well after Mr. Obama is done, and can do the right thing. Stand against Mr. Obama and keep those in Guantanamo there.

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