‘Sex Drive’ Is Nasty

And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

I love this film.

I am watching it live on my cam!

Rex: Ian, your 18 and you’ve never had A girlfriend. That’s how people wind up getting gay, you know?
Ian: I don’t think that’s really how it happens.
Rex: Tell me how it happens expert, ya cock expert, ya cockspert. Hey, what do you like better the shaft or the balls?
Ian: That’s gross.
Rex: You like em both don’t you. It’s like, sometimes tuesday you want the big, old, shiny-ass cock. Wednesdays and Thursdays you’re onto the balls.
Ian: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Rex: You can’t choose can you? Thats a tough one. You love it. You’re obsessed with it.
Ian: No, you are, your talking about it.
Rex: Why are you smiling at me, I’m serious. Don’t fucking smile at me, I’ll knock you out of the god damn earth. What does it taste like? What’s it like when you take your mouth off of it and its like, you can see your reflection in that fucking cock. Smack you in the face a little bit, you don’t like that?
Ian: I don’t eat
[gets cut off]
Ian: .
Rex: Just like shiny, fucking stiff, throbbing, hot vascular mushroom head.
Ian: Ya ya.
Rex: Look, every guy has a fantasy about another guy, but you gotta bury that shit way down, this is America goddamnit.
Ian: There is, there is a girl. That I’ve been kinda…
Rex: Alright, I’m listening, where’d you meet her?
Ian: Um, on the, online.
Rex: [Slams car breaks on] What? For fuck’s sakes Ian, don’t you watch dateline? She’s probably a guy. Some fat, old dude who wants to ram you in the tailpipe.
Rex: But you’d love that wouldn’t you, cuz your a homo!

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