Is It OK To Lie To Pick Up Women?

Here are excerpts from an interview with Richard "Gambler" La Ruina, Europe’s premiere pick-up artist:

I think I learnt many techniques from many different people. So all the people like Mystery, Neil Strauss, Tyler, but I would say I don?t completely respect them, because if I was a woman I wouldn?t be attracted to them. They are being fake, they are lying, they are using tricks, they are strange in some way.

…When I started I wasn?t using original stuff, because I?ve read so much and watched so much. I was trying all of that to see what worked. What I didn?t like was to lie and to be unnatural, to be someone else. So I didn?t wanna wear a hat, I didn?t wanna learn magic, I didn?t wanna learn palm reading to get women. I didn?t wanna use these tricks. So I started to think of ways to replace that. And I started to hang out with guys who were really good naturally and to think about what they are doing. And instead of copying pick up artists I was watching naturals. I think what we teach is now original.  The way we achieve each result is original. The other thing which is original is that there is not a very rigid structure so it?s not loads to memorize, it?s not a big process, it?s not too geeky. I don?t use the terminology. I don?t say DHV, IOI, IOD, kino, bla bla bla.  If you wanna become weird and different than you should speak a different language by learning all this stuff, but guys don?t want to become a different person to get women. They want to become a better person. They don?t want to lie, they don?t want to change their morals. They don?t want to become a bad guy, I like to teach the natural, moral pick-up, so they can be comfortable at what they are doing. So even if the girl ?nds out that they?ve been on the course she won?t say “oh, you?ve used tricks on me”, but she?ll go: “oh, you?ve approached me, we?ve had a nice conversation”. Imagine they got married and she read “The game” and she read “who lies more?” . She might think: “that?s what he used when he met me! And that?s why we got married”. Come on, it?s not nice.

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