The Nice Jewish Madam

Kenny Gallo is an ex-gangster who’s written a new book — Breakshot: A Life in the 21st Century American Mafia.

Kenny was a key source for me when I was writing about the role of organized crime in the sex industry.

He blogs:

Today, I am going to write about Michelle Braun, an awkward Jewish girl from Bakersfield, California who is one of the heads on my trophy wall as a rat. I took Michelle Braun, the world’s top madame, down.

Who is Michelle Braun? Why would she be written about on the BREAKSHOT Organized Crime Blog? Michelle Braun is a nobody from nowhere with no obvious talents or charms. Her looks, even after hundreds of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery, leave a lot to be desired. Her personality has always been abrasive. I never particularly liked her, and when I first met her, I had no respect at all for her intelligence, talents, or potential.

I was wrong. This plump, plain, obnoxious Jewish girl made millions of dollars as the owner of the world’s foremost international escort service and call girl ring. She revolutionized the sex business. A porno groupie and wannabe bombshell, Michelle used her brain to make the cash and connections her body never could in the shallow, merciless porn business. Michelle created a website called Nici’s Girls which deserves credit for being the innovator that took the high-class prostitution racket online. Michelle convinced her porn star friends to let her pimp them out worldwide to sheiks, billionaires, and famous actors on the web for cash that reached the tens of thousands of dollars. Many of “Nici’s Girls” were hooked up with sugar daddies who sometimes became husbands in the Pretty Woman scenario.

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