‘What it actually feels like to be targeted by Donald Trump’s neo-Nazi fan club’

Short version: Matthew Rozsa hurls slurs at others and then is unpleasantly surprised when slurs are hurled back at him.

This Jew cries when he hits you.

If you don’t want to be slurred, don’t hurl slurs at others.

Matthew Rozsa writes for Quartz:

Although my articles have been attacked online by white supremacists in the past, my hate mail reached a new level once I began writing pieces critical of Trump. When I called him out for making anti-Semitic comments at a Republican Jewish Coalition event, Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer—one of the largest and most infamous white supremacist sites on the internet and an outspoken backer of Trump’s campaign–declared that “presently, Salon has a piece up by Jew parasite Matthew Rozsa, which they have reposted from the Jewish ‘Good Men Project,’ wherein a Jew condemns the Donald as an enemy of his evil tribe.

Labeling me as “a Jewish ethnic activist so twisted he actually believes he can stump the Trump,” Anglin characterized my ideological multiculturalism as part of a sinister plot, writing “they understand that if Whites are allowed to have an identity, they will be like ‘hey, who are these people with the beady eyes and hooked noses who are controlling all of our systems? I’m not sure who they are, but they’re definitely not us. Maybe we should remove them? Yeah, I’m really starting to think it would be a good idea to remove these people.’” “Salon has a piece up by Jew parasite Matthew Rozsa, wherein a Jew condemns the Donald as an enemy of his evil tribe.” 

The article circulated quickly between hate groups. One white supremacist promoted the piece by saying “this demonic kike is apparently upset that Trump made politically incorrect remarks about Jews,” while another showed a picture of me taken outside Lehigh University with the caption, “Look at this filthy Jew rat!” At the online forum Stormfront–which exploded in popularity following Barack Obama’s election in 2008, tripling its audience to more than 300,000 members–the piece was reposted with comments arguing that “this is exactly how the international Jewry declared war on Hitler and Germany and so started World War 2.”

Many of these Stormfronters wanted to make sure I read their remarks and so forwarded the links to my email address, which is how Anglin’s article found its way back to me.

At the time, I found this hyperbolic response rather amusing. As someone who was nearly murdered in an anti-Semitic hate crime when I was twelve, I’m adept at distinguishing between metaphorical sticks and stones and the real thing. I wrote as much in a follow-up piece for The Good Men Project, titled “Why We Should Laugh at Trump’s Nazis.” Anglin, not one for being laughed at, lashed out with a rambling article that meandered from further attacks on imagined Jewish conspiracies and “the Black communist agitator Martin Luther King” to a defensive rationalization of a botched Batman analogy.

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