Why I can’t vote for Donald Trump

Joel Geiderman is the California Chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition and the former Vice Chairman of the United States Holocaust Museum, appointed by George W. Bush.

He writes in the Jewish Journal:

As a Jew and the son of a Holocaust survivor, what scares me about Trump is his treatment of people as groups, using negative stereotypes to stir up the emotions of uneducated and disaffected people, and appealing to the worst instincts of people. He disparages minorities before he says he “loves” some of them. For now, it’s Mexicans, Muslims, the Chinese. Jews, after all, are the ultimate minority. During the Diaspora, Jews spread out and shifted from country to country, based on acceptance by the majority in the countries to which they migrated. During World War II, we all know what happened when Jews found the doors shut. While I am not arguing for uncontrolled migration, the demonization of people seeking shelter or a better life is not compatible with our history.
One of Trump’s ex-wives alleges he kept a copy of Hitler’s speeches at his bedside. I have no idea if this is true, but the fact that she thought people would find it credible is disturbing. I haven’t heard that come up in even the bitterest divorces. Trump’s failure to immediately disavow the KKK makes you wonder.
Furthermore, Jews don’t demean women. Woman are revered. Modern synagogues treat the matriarchs as we do the patriarchs, honoring them in daily prayers. Shavuot celebrates Ruth, and Purim, Esther. Jewish adults don’t make fun of a woman’s menses.
On Israel, Trump seems uninformed and naive. Being an even-handed broker between a Democratic ally and Hamas is ridiculous. The fact that he approaches diplomacy as he would a business deal (which for him often ended in bankruptcy) is foolishness. Trump’s defense of his bona fides on Israel is that he once marched in an Israel Day parade. This is reminiscent of the fact that he gets foreign policy advice from watching “the shows.” There is no substance here.

He doesn’t know if it is true that Trump kept a collection of Hitler’s speeches at his bedside but hey, it’s worth including in his essay.

Trump’s a bad man because he uses negative group stereotypes, but the Jewish Torah is wonderful even though it is filled with negative group stereotypes.

Jews don’t demean women except for when they do. I wonder if he has ever studied Torah? I’m not condemning Torah here. I’m saying that if you condemn Trump for saying things, you have to condemn the Torah at the same time for even more outrageous comments.

There is no objective definition of hate speech that would not simultaneously condemn much of the Jewish tradition.

Being the son of a Holocaust survivor does not convey an iota more wisdom than being the son of a Honduran ditch digger.

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