A Wife Would Save Him From The Moralists

…"and a rich one from the moneylenders… Married, he might confront society without having to affront it." (Pg. 233 of Richard Ellmann’s biography of Oscar Wilde)

I feel like the second coming of Oscar Wilde.

Oscar Wilde discovered his genius when he stopped trying to reconcile his irreconcilable attractions to Catholicism, Protestantism and paganism.

Now I too will discover my genius when I stop fighting my irreconcilable urges. I will take the thesis and the antithesis and create my synthesis.

As Lord Rabbi Caversham said to me: "Damme, sir, it is your duty to get married. You can’t always be living for pleasure. Every man of position is married nowadays. Bachelors are not fashionable any more. They are a damaged lot. Too much is known about them. You must get a wife, sir."

When this one sheila rebuffed his marriage proposal, Oscar wrote: "Charlotte, I am so sorry about your decision. With your money and my brain we could have gone so far."

Wilde asked a lot of women to marry him and they all refused. I haven’t yet asked any women to marry me. I’m highly selective. My soul is so in love with the Torah that it is hard for me to think about such mundane matters.

I feel repeatedly stung when I read this book by the resemblances between Oscar and me. "Wilde was willing to sacrifice some of the nuptial intimacy for the delight of describing it." (Pg. 250)

Asked how he fell in love with his wife, Wilde said: "She scarcely ever speaks. I am always wondering what her thoughts are like." (pg. 255)

Wilde "played the married man with a flair which suggested that for him it was an adventure rather than a quiescence." (pg. 259)

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