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Rabbi Gil Student writes:

  • Gary Rosenblatt argues for government subsidies of secular studies in Jewish day schools (Jewish Week). Now that Solomon Schechters are struggling and not just yeshivas, he cares.
  • The Maharat makes it to the list of Jews "under the age of 36 who symbolize the depth and vitality of their generation" (Jewish Week). There’s a shocker. I no longer qualify, which must be why they couldn’t find anyone on the right wing of Modern Orthodoxy or beyond to be on the list.
  • A Jewish newspaper celebrates non-Jewish mothers raising non-Jewish children but confusing the world by calling them Jewish (Jewish Week).
  • Retrospective about Rubashkin raid a year later (Forward). I have to say that R. Avi Shafran’s seeing this as an example of everyone hating Orthodox Jews is embarrassing. Maybe it’s because we defend people like Bernie Madoff?
  • Celebrating the life of the Maharal on his 400th yahrtzeit (JTA). Great quote in the article: "Everyone hates the Golem." Tell that to Mendy.
  • Interesting article about Dropsie College (Forward). No snark. It’s actually just interesting. UPDATE: A reader directed me to this article: link
  • YAAKOV POSTS: "R. Shafran’s response was extremely disappointing and all too typical. As with everything in his world, the Rubashkin fiasco doesn’t call for any cheshbon hanefesh, just more talk about how bad the non-Orthodox are in their hatred of the Orthodox."

    NACHUM POSTS: "A bit snarky, Gil. You know Gary Rosenblatt sends his kids to yeshiva."

    MOSHE POSTS: Amen to the criticism of the 36 list..the only Orthodox people on the list seem to be those whom the Jewish Week perceives as helping to liberalize Orthodoxy (maharat, yoetzet halacha, a female resident scholar, a social justice advocate, the guy who brought Kugel to YU..)

    RABBI STUDENT POSTS: The point about Gary Rosenblatt is that yeshivas have been struggling for years, some going under, but I never heard him advocating for government funding. If memory serves me correctly, he has written against school vouchers (a web search came up with an article of his from March 12, 1999).

    Charlie Hall posts: The idea that Shalom Rubashkin was singled out for a denial of bail because he was Jewish is preposterous. When someone under indictment is found with large amounts of cash, and all his family’s passports, he is a flight risk!

    And the fact that there exists a fugitive in Israel who has avoided extradition to America for decades does not help the Rubashkin case.

    Y. AHARON POSTS: The Agudah, or at least its convention speakers and spokesmen have become a disgrace to religious Jews. Consider their exaggerated and unwarranted attacks on other Orthodox Jews (think of the "sonei Hashem" keynote speech or R’ Uren’s statement that a ma’amar chazal trumps reality), and the defense of the indefensible (think of the "sweeping under the rug" speech, Rubashkin, and the opposition to the Markey bill). When will they realize that their audience is paying them less and less attention, and that open hostility to them is increasing?

    As to the alleged antisemitism behind the denial of bail to Sholom Rubashkin. The report I read stated that the Feds found a packed suitcase in his bedroom which contained some 10K dollars. That would be prima facie evidence for a flight risk.

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