Brenda Dickson’s Third Warning

I had so hoped that Brenda would be an honest person. On her first fax, she said the next letter would come from her attorney.

Alas, her second communication was just a tiresome personal email.

And now her third communication has arrived and it is just as boring as her first two, and it’s not even from her attorney!

Brenda Dickinson emails ( today:

illgal use of my face and name to advertize for yourself


I have already e mailed you about the illigal use of my picture,you have no signed release ,it is under Brenda Dickson tom kennedy book signing., my atty. will be contacting you, with the demand letter, for the cost of my face and name to be used $30,000.00 is my present computation, take off the picture 2nd warning, the next will be from my atty. Brenda&

I replied:

Hey Brenda Baby, How is it going? It is always good to hear from a fan!

Love you,



I made a Facebook friend through Brenda, receiving this email: "I have quite a few of these Brenda missives. She is sweeping the internet single handedly. Curious… will you take the photo down? I was glad you did post the fax because your website/blog is fascinating."

Here are the pics Brenda objects to:

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