Peter Lowy Back In The News

Click here to peruse the recent articles. They’re about the economy.

They don’t talk about the longtime Pico-Robertson resident’s tax evasion and why he’s staying away from the United States.

I suspect it will be a cold day in hell before any of the Jewish institutions who’ve profited from Lowy’s donations or David Rubin‘s send out emails calling for rallies outside their homes.

The Peter Lowy tax evasion story has yet to be told in the pages of the Jewish Journal, which only contains content about him that is glowing.

Australian journalist Peter Ryan spoke this week with Peter and Steven Lowy:

PETER RYAN: Peter Lowy says US conditions might be tough but he believes that given Westfield’s market strength and $7-billion of available cash, the big deals will still come his way.

PETER LOWY: They’re very strong retailers. They want to do business with very strong developers and so we’re seeing a flight towards us in that area, certainly from executives who are working in the industry. They want to be working for companies that are very strong and have a healthy profile going forward.

From the retailers themselves they want to be doing business where they know who they’re doing business with going forward and they know when there’s a transaction that it’s going to be commercially honoured.

Peter Lowy has done his utmost to stay out of the news for the past nine months. I wonder why he’s chosen now to emerge? I can only speculate that he needs to see if he is still a pariah or if can once again show his face in polite society.

American Jewish University, where Lowy is chair of the board, has not scrubbed his name from its website.

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