Friday Afternoon Interviews With Actresses Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson

Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson Lorielle New, Julia Sandberg-Hansson Julia Sandberg-Hansson Lorielle New and Riley Weston seated, Uzi from Belgium’s Elle magazine and Julia Sandberg-Hansson Uzi, Lorielle New and Julia Sandberg-Hansson at Playboy radio

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Meeting at 1:15 p.m. Sept. 21, we talk for 70-minutes by the swings at the park.

Video Video II Lorielle New at the Captivity Party, July 10, 2007

Here’s the final 35 minutes of audio at Starbucks with Julia (Swedish) and Lorielle (American) discussing their appearance in the 2007 movie Postal.

Julia, 24, grew up in Stockholm. Her dad ran a recording studio.

She got online in 1995. "The first person I [cyber-]stalked was Roman Polanski. I would’ve had a good shot if I had met him."

Lorielle: "She was a very smart, very odd child, an only child with a lot of computer time. She was very interested in films. She was one of those kids who, at age 12, asked, ‘Who did the production design on that?’"

Julia: "Because I didn’t have sex. Because I didn’t have a boyfriend."

Lorielle: "You were 12!"

Julia: "It went on like that."

"I saw the Wizard of Oz at five years old and I thought the characters could see me too. Even though I know it’s not true, I still believe that."

"When I was 13, my mother told me to sleep with as many as men [as possible] so I’d know what I did not want."

Lorielle: "Sweden is odd."

Julia: "There’s no mystery to sex. There’s no point. I wish there was some guilt about it. I’d be more excited about it."

She goes into a Swedish accent. "Yes, take a dip in the sauna and then take a dip in the ocean and come back…"

Julia: "Your website [] is totally dangerous. It’s a lethal weapon for people like me who stalk people. It’s a good point of reference."

Lorielle does not want to talk about her family.

Ever since she was a kid, she’s wanted to be an actor. "It’s one of those things I tried to avoid. I tried to find something practical and logical and sensible to do. Finally, I just had to give into it. I followed the Pied Piper to L.A. with the other 10,000 girls. I think they all left."

Luke: "What summer was that?"

Lorielle: "I don’t know. I’m not good with times and numbers."

"Are you pro or against Dennis Prager?"

Luke: "Personally, I’m pro, in my work, I try to be objective."

This reminds Julia of David Hasselhoff. "God knows if I’m pro or con."

"I spent a whole year in art college making work about him. My graduation piece was a life-sized painting of his chest covered in pubic hair."

"I mentioned the painting to him. I did not mention the pubic hair. I did mention the life-size. He was very excited. He was kind enough to offer me his phone number and I said I really just wanted his picture, if that was OK. I felt like it had gone full circle and I could leave David Hasselhoff behind. I found closure."

Luke: "So you did not want to sleep with him?"

Julia: "I don’t think that would’ve provided me with any more sense of completeness."

She says she could’ve sold the painting for a lot of money but was too "stupid."

"The painting stinks so much now I regret not having sold it."

"I still have the dream to make a Taschen icon book on David Hasselhoff."

Luke: "Lorielle, what clique were you in in high school?"

Lorielle: "I’m an Acquarius. I was never in a clique. I was a floater."

Julia: "I love your questions. I’m jealous."

"I was called Little Hitler in school. I like to boss around people. The only thing I wanted to play was re-enactments of Wizard of Oz."

"I started directing my own interpretations of Wizard of Oz at age six on a Betamax camera."

"I started doing a B.A. in theatre. I couldn’t agree with any performance theories."

"I consider myself a wanna-be artist working in the medium of film whether as a director or actress.

"Because you asked me and because I read your stuff and like your stuff, I would feel guilty not to tell you the truth."

"I was told when I got here not to say that. To just say that I was an actress."

"I want to make Tetris the Movie."

"I have a feeling that Michael Bay will make an adaptation in two years."

Luke: "In your Hitler phase, were you putting Jews in concentration camps?"

Julia: "Yes, if you are referring to my poor friends. I have visual documentation… My mom still refers to me as Little Hitler… I turn all red. I was a bad girl. I make people do strange things for no money. It’s my greatest achievement as a director."

Luke: "Where were you in the social order when you were a kid?"

Julia: "I was an alien."

She does not consider herself pretty.

Lorielle got her first boyfriend after high school.

Julia got her first at age eight. "We had a passionate relationship. I was heart broken when he did not want to be with me. We were together almost a week and a half. And then it was a long gap until I was 18."

Luke: "How do you feel about marriage?"

Julia: "Equals greencard?"

Lorielle: "Everybody I know who is married is not so happy or faithful."

The first time Lorielle got paid for acting was 1996’s Up Close and Personal. Since then she’s appeared in about 50 films.

The first time Julia got paid for acting was Postal.

Lorielle: "Nudity doesn’t bother me… When an A-list star does it, she’s so brave and daring, but if you do it in a low-budget movie, ooh, that’s a B-movie. It’s the same nudity."

Julia: "I need to feel tricked into it. I need to feel that I can justify it… I need to know why the scene is in the story…"

I ask about her scene in Postal. "Does he rape her?"

Julia: "It gets worse than that."

Luke: "Lorielle, has there been anyone particularly instrumental in your career?"

Lorielle: "No one. Every job I’ve ever had I’ve booked on my own without any help from anyone. Nobody helps you when you’re an actor."

"Speaking of nudity, I was having a conversation with Ken Davitian from Borat. That [nude] fight scene he did was the bravest thing ever."

Luke: "Is there anything your roles have in common?"

Lorielle: "I don’t think so. Porn stars, strippers and hookers? No. I’m being self-mocking."

Lorielle plays a prostitute in two 2006 movies — Miami Vice Uncensored and Living the Dream.

She plays a porn star in two episodes of The Practice.

"Anyone that says, ‘I’m going to pay you to do this,’ I’m going to take the job."

Julia: "Most of them have been intentionally sexy."

Lorielle: "None of the choices have been based on anything in common."

"There are a lot of male writers who write that one [sexy] character in."

"I’m very excited. I just met with a producer who wants to cast me as a mentally challenged person."

Julia snorts.

Lorielle: "He said, ‘I could see you doing that.’"

Julia: "I have done a good retard in Postal."

Lorielle: "I’ve played a nerdy secretary. I’ve done other roles. I’m being self-mocking when I say porn stars, strippers and hookers. A lot of the time that’s all that’s left over in the castings. I would like to play the nice girl."

Julia: "You want to be the retard."

Lorielle: "People usually see me in the stronger bad-girl role."

Luke: "Do you see yourself as a bad girl?"

Lorielle: "No. I’m a shy sweet nerd who works a lot on her computer."

Julia: "I think of projects rather than roles."

"I’m very concerned about notions of reality."

Luke: "Lorielle, are you happier playing someone or being yourself?"

Lorielle: "Playing someone else. I feel awkward and uncomfortable even in an interview talking about myself.  I’d rather talk about a character or a movie or a part. Myself is shy but the character might not be."

"I don’t want to be me. I want to play someone else."

Julia: "I have asked to be tricked in a movie."

Lorielle: "The reason I want to act is so that I can create things and move people… I guess I have a lot of extra emotions and have always felt things deeply. I’d watch a movie that somebody made and be crying way too much. I’ve always wanted to do things that said something or made a difference. It’s rare to find those projects. There’s not a lot of films that say anything. Maybe ten a year. I don’t get to audition for those ten films. Perhaps I’ll have to write one."

"I want to be Oprah or Jesus and save the world and stop the wars. I want to be queen of the world."

Luke: "Julia, what do you love and hate about your life?"

Julia: "I hate feeling dependent, like the lawyer helping me with my paperwork."

Luke: "Immigration?"

Julia: "Yes. I feel like my independence is undermined."

Julia goes off on abstract tangents.

Lorielle: "She doesn’t answer the question. Ever."

Julia went to high school in England and then got a B.A. and M.A. in England. She didn’t like it there. She fears that Hollywood is the right place for her to make artistic films.

"I’ve always been an outsider in Europe but nobody here bats an eye."

Lorielle: "She was an alien in Europe but now she’s found her planet and her people."

Luke: "How do directors and producers like it when you go after them so aggressively?"

Julia: "It would’ve been worse if I had been a middle-aged man."

Lorielle: "Since they are all older and perhaps a little bit past their prime…"

Julia: "No! That’s not true."

Lorielle: "Most of them are quite flattered."

"She hasn’t seen the classic films. She hasn’t seen Rebel Without a Cause. She’s seen obscure ’80s and ’90s films."

Luke: "Julia, what do you love and hate about America?"

Julia: "It’s the same thing — that you are allowed to voice your dreams and aspirations. In Europe, you should be happy with what you’ve got. People strive for similar things in Europe but you don’t talk about it. Here people say, ‘I’m fabulous and I’m going to do this.’ That can be annoying but at the same time I admire it. You ask me things. Usually I don’t answer these things. In Europe they don’t ask you things like that."

Lorielle: "Sometimes the hypocrisy gets to me. I love our freedom, or what’s left of it. The shreds that are left before we are bottled down in some George Orwellian dictatorship."

Luke: "What’s your greatest fear?"

Lorielle: "Failure."

Julia emails Monday: "Good god you’re perfectly evil. Did you know that I used to keep a cut-out picture of you from an old issue of Rolling Stone in my diary when was 15? I think I was a little bit in love with you."

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