Tabloid Baby Plagiarized By Chicago Tribune

From TabloidBaby:

We took a lot of stick a few weeks ago after our exclusive publication of Our Man Elli in Israel‘s exposé of the Israel Baseball League, a day before the story was set to be published in Jewish weeklies across America and the globe. It was a case of crossed signals and time zones, but it warranted some navel-gazing and chin-stroking at place like Jim Romenesko’s j-school newsmedia site (you know, the one that ignores us except when the tables are turned).

But now we’ve got something that grinds our gears– and challenge the mainstream news media to play fair.

On Monday, we posted a story and alerted Romenesko, after some schmuck (left) at the powerful Chicago Tribune lifted, ripped off and plagiarized Elli Wohlgelernter’s sidebar story that we also ran exclusively on August 28th. Joel Greenberg (left) took Elli’s translation of the interview with former Major Leaguer and IBL team manager Ken Holtzman, copied it for a September 16th Trib article and claimed it as his own.

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