Boris Johnson Wakes Up & Smells The Coffee

Comments: It is quite surreal. But even establishment politicians are starting to wake up and smell the coffee, elsewhere in the Eurosphere. In 2016, everywhere, “It’s the immigration, stupid!

That douchebag Cameron is going to be left on the wrong side of history, and it couldn’t happen to a smarmier weasel, except maybe Blair but Blair is out of power now. Which is why Boris has defected – not wanting to be on the wrong side of history.

Everywhere, forward thinking politicians are going to start putting their long-term career ahead of party loyalty and loyalty to PC. Politicians are seeing the writing on the wall, and that writing says “Trump 2016!”. Best not to be the last guy on the last lifeboat. Best to make a “considered” evaluation and with heavy heart, embrace the change early.

Where the US goes, the world follows. I’ve long thought that once one country in the Eurosphere goes full alt-right and has some great results, the rest of the world will follow. When that nation is as powerful and as influential as the USA, there will be an alt-right domino effect in play.

* I was quite surprised when I saw Boris Johnson was coming out in favour of the UK leaving the EU. I also found it worthy of note when I saw last week that Louise Mensch was doing the same thing. Those are two people who are very good at self-promotion and career management and who would have ample opportunities to hear which way the smart money is betting. It’s just more evidence that we’re entering a weird new era whether we like it or not.

* BoJo has committed (as much as he ever does to anything) to the Brexit as a major plank of his relentless campaign to dish his old dining-club companero, Call Me Dave, and secure the Casey Jones place on the footplate of the UK gravy train as it heads towards its eventual Malthusian buffers.

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