Don’t Worry About Swine Flu

On Dennis Prager’s radio show today, guest Michael Fumento, a science writer, said swine flu was no big deal. There was an outbreak of it around Fort Dix in 1976. About 500 people got it and one person died directly from it, but dozens of people died and many paralyzed from a hasty swine flu innoculation (a mass program ordered by President Ford when the HHS Secretary said the swine flu would kill up to one million Americans).

Why have so many people in Mexico died from swine flu? Because the poor underfed buggers in Mexico die from everything disproportionately? People with malnutrition have weak immune systems.

Nobody has died from the swine flu in the US. The average flu kills thousands of people in the US.

Why is the political Left more prone to hysteria? They got scared about heterosexual AIDS, alard on apples, global warming, SARS, Ebola etc? Fumento said at the time that these things were nothing to worry about.

The global economy is in recession. This baseless panic will damage the economy.

Where does swine flu come from? Pig poop. Birds eat it and then the Chinese eat the birds and then people get these things (says Fumento).

In his third hour, Dennis Prager says Norm Coleman was a statesman while Al Franken is a buffon. "A major thinker… There’s not much hope if a Minnesota can elect an Al Franken… What can you do? Until talk radio is shut down, you can tell the truth to as many people as possible."

I am on the Right but I think this is a totally unfair presentation of Al Franken. For one thing, Franken is no leftist. Two, he’s been a professional comedian. He is no more a fool than the fool in the Shakespeare play King Lear. He’s said and done some buffoonish things, but that’s par for the course for professional funny men. I predict he will no more foolish a senator than the average Democratic senator.

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