How Come None Of The Great Moral Leaders Were For Same-Sex Marriage?

Dennis Prager said on his radio show last week: "If there is no difference between a man marrying a man and a man marrying a woman, then there is no ultimate difference between man and woman. That’s what we’re fighting about here… That’s why transgendered is part of gay activism."

"I’ve never gotten a response to this. You may be morally right, but isn’t there an arrogance in saying that all those who lived before me were immoral on this issue? There’s no other example of this. My Judaism was wrong, every rabbi, every prophet, my Protestantism was wrong, every Pope was wrong, Jesus was wrong, Jesus didn’t call for undoing male-female marriage, all the secular thinkers were wrong, the age of Enlightenment was not enlightened enough…"

Caller: It’s not a big deal. Conservatives should just lead a good life. You can only teach by example.

Dennis: "That’s not true. That’s one way you teach."

"We have to have rules for society. We have thousands of rules. One rule is the way we define marriage. I didn’t marry my brother? So follow my example? It’s meaningless."

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