Brendan Eich’s Brave New Browser

Steve Sailer writes: “Brendan Eich, CEO of Mozilla until it was discovered that he had exercised his First Amendment rights as a citizen to participate lawfully in the democratic process, is heading a team building a new browser, alliteratively entitled Brave. It’s intended to block ads and tracking, which seems like a good idea in this Brave New World. You can currently download a 0.7 release for developers if you are into playing guinea pig.”


* You should note that their plan is to block existing ads on the site, and then *replace* them with their own ads. They say they’ll generously share 55% of the ad revenue with the site.

I expect people to start writing sites which somehow malfunction if the ads are not present.

* I believe Firefox was hemorrhaging users well before the Two Minute Hate took him out. I think once Chrome came out–a far more nimble browser vis-à-vis Firefox at the time–people starting jettisoning it in droves (me among them).

In any event, I’m curious about this development because Chrome is my preferred browser in terms of usability (Opera’s a close second ), but I absolutely hate having anything to do with Google. (Damn them and their superior products!) Were this to be as fast, stable, and standards-compliant as Chrome, I’ll readily switch over.

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