How Come There Are No Liberal Hypocrites?

We have all these Obama appointees who’ve cheated on their taxes. But such liberals are not hypocrites.

What does a liberal have to do to be a hypocrite?

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Health and Human Services nominee Kathleen Sebelius has corrected three years worth of tax returns after finding “unintentional errors.”

Sebelius alerted senators to the changes in a letter dated Tuesday that was obtained by The Associated Press. She says the changes involved charitable contributions, the sale of a home and business expenses.

She and her husband paid a total of $7,040 in back taxes and $878 in interest from 2005-2007.

The questions surfaced as Sebelius sat Tuesday for a confirmation hearing with the Senate Health Committee. In questioning by Senators, Sebelius was talking tough when it comes to medical fraud.

Sebelius says she’d be a tough enforcer as she called for a crackdown on fraud as part of any health care overhaul.

Dennis Prager said on his radio show April 1: "What do you have to do to be called a hypocrite if you are a liberal? Conservatives are always called hypocrites. If a conservative has an affair, he’s called a hypocrite. ‘He advocates family values and then he has an affair.’ If a conservative gambles, ‘Hey, he talks about values and he goes to Vegas.’ Anytime a conservative does anything wrong or doesn’t pay his full taxes, he’s called a hypocrite. ‘He talks about values and he didn’t even pay his full taxes.’ Tell me any liberal who’s been called a hypocrite by the American media. Answer: None. There are no liberal hypocrites.

"One of the reasons people take liberal positions is because they can never be judged. You are judged if you take conservative positions. You are judged. But you are never judged if you take liberal positions because you are so open and tolerant and accepting, so therefore you should be tolerated and accepted. And if you do something wrong, then everybody does something wrong. Since I don’t judge, you can’t judge me. Of course, liberals judge conservatives all the time. One of the benefits of being a liberal is that you can’t be judged.

"Al Gore goes around in carbon-producing energy sucking private jets and he’s not called a hypocrite [by the news media]. There’s nothing a liberal can do to be called a hypocrite because the press is the one who calls people hypocrites and the press is liberal.

"The ultimate hypocrisy is for liberals not to pay their taxes. They are the pro-tax people. We’re the anti-tax people. If we don’t pay taxes, we’re consistent. We should be honored for not paying our taxes. We never asked for them. Nobody reads the significance of all these people not paying their taxes. All these [liberals] who are not paying their taxes? They asked for taxes and they’re not paying them.

"I don’t like the word hypocrisy. I rarely use it. This is one of the rare times it is applicable."

"It’s astounding and never commented upon.

"Joe Lieberman was called a hypocrite for supporting John McCain. He was called a hypocrite for doing something conservative.

"Former president Clinton had an affair with an intern. He wasn’t called a hypocrite. Imagine if a conservative president did it? They’d invent a new name."

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