My Wishes For The New Month

I always do what my teachers tell me and what my rabbis tell me and now I do what my gurus tell me.

If their teachings clash, I’ll leave it to God to sort it out.

He made me the way I am.

Before we began work tonight on elimination, we wrote out our wishes for the new month:

I am easily finding myself…

* Moving deeper into Orthodox Judaism.
* Finding myself a place at two Passover seders
* Making new friends in Orthodox Judaism
* Getting back into Chabad Bais Bezalel, Aish Ha Torah, Young Israel of Century City, Beth Jacob and Bnai David-Judea
* Connecting to my feelings of sadness and loss
* Connecting to my therapist and working through my fundamental relationships
* Finding a means to pay my way through Alexander Technique teacher training
* Finding love.

We got a homework assignment to make a collage of our wishes for the new year (a Spring Equinox Treasure Map).

I may pass on this. My subscriptions have lapsed to the magazines I need to lay out my dreams.

YogaLA just doesn’t cut it for me.

Guru Luke signing out.

PS. Kundalini Yoga is supposed to be practiced with the eyes closed.

But if I do this, then I won’t get to see the beautiful women who inspire me to go to Kundalini Yoga.

What’s a spiritual master to do?

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