My Shabbos Morning Nightmare

Just before I woke up this morning, I was having a pleasant dream that I was at graduate school at UCLA studying Philosophy. I was doing my thesis on Dennis Prager, an unconventional choice. I felt happy and fulfilled.

I drove to the Santa Monica beach and walked in the sand and the (shallow parts of the) sea, talking on my cell phone to friends. "Hey, I’m at the beach and I’m talking on my cell phone!"

When I got to my car, I saw a spare key to my car on the ground. My car had been broken into and trashed.

I saw some female classmates I knew and I told them that my car had been trashed. They laughed and said "Stop taking yourself and your car so seriously." They walked on.

On my car radio, I heard these anti-Semitic saying by this hot South African princess who was playing volleyball on the beach.

I ran up to her and asked, "Do you have any comment on these statements?"

She laughed and said "no comment."

I replied, "Americans don’t have much of a sense of humor, do they?"

She laughed and said no.

I was trying to bond with her but she had no interest in me.

I looked around the beach and saw it was filled with Muslim anti-Semites and other anti-Semites. I was scared by how precarious the position of the Jews was. I had always felt we were a powerful force in Southern California. I had never experienced anti-Semitism. And now it was all around me.

I woke up. It was 7:20 a.m. I had a powerful headache.

While awake, I dreamed I was driving in the deep South when some good ol’ boys in a pick-up pull me over and beat me up. "I’m a Jew, not a Muslim!" I keep explaining but they keep beating me.

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