No Interview With Joel Grishaver

I sent the noted author and lecturer an interview request last week and got back this note Jan. 29, 2007:

Dear Mr. Ford— This office is personal legal counsel for Mr. Joel Grishaver. Your email of January 24, 2007, has been forwarded to me. Please be advised that Mr. Grishaver does not wish to be interviewed, or provide you with any information. We do not understand the purpose or intent of your email, nor do we know who this “man” you reference is. Mr. Grishaver categorically denies that he was fired from Brandeis Bardin for the reasons you state. Very truly yours, Kenneth L. Kazan, Esq.

Robin Shiffrin, Temple Sinai, Rochester has this quote on Grishaver’s website:

What impressed me most about Joel was a sense of genuine caring and interest in the people with whom he taught, particularly the teens. Not only did he teach them much, but he exhibited a real interest in what they had to say and who they were, which will last a lot longer than the texts he taught. He also conveyed an important message—that relationships are the essence of teaching. His actions make him the consummate text person and an important role model for all of us.

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