A Conversation With A Conspiracy Theorist

Zan Overall emails:

Dear Luke and Fred, I have read Fred’s list of 46 ! things he “would be interested in knowing” about me, Luke’s “holocaust denier friend.”  I would answer all of them but it would take a lot of time and (a) I have a life and (b)  Luke’s bloggees would find it boring.

Fred’s item (b) interests me, where he wonders if I am “aware that there are very few who share (my) opinions." Ignoring the
fact that in some cases, such as 9/11, there are millions who share my beliefs, let me say to Fred:

Truth is not established by a vote. At the time of copout Galileo and courageous but foolhardy Giordano Bruno, a vote of the public and authorities would have established that the Earth does not go around the Sun.  People believing otherwise would have been deemed “delusional” by people with Fred’s mindset.

I have a cleverly named website—-
Haven’t done much with it lately but Fred will find a partial list of my “delusions” that he was “interested” in. Holocaust denial, more properly called Holocaust Revisionism, is not there because I became interested in it only a few years ago.

You will also find nothing about my newfound disdain for Lincoln or dislike for Ike.  I read The Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked and am satisfied that Lincoln was a racist, dictator, war monger, war criminal, lawyer and master of English prose. I read Other Losses by Canadian author James Bacque and consider Eisenhower a war criminal for his murderous abuse of German military prisoners after WW II.  According to West Point records, Eisenhower was Jewish.  You’re welcome to him.

My website opens with a quote from psychologist Charles Tart. He says that people like Fred who “think” what most people “think” are, in Tart’s brilliant phrase, living in a “consensus trance.”  Snap out of it, Fred! Five cents, please.

I’m getting as long-winded as Fred. Nice to know we have something in common!

Let me close by suggesting that:

#1: Fred and I get together to discuss and defend our “delusions.” (You have some, Fred.  You just don’t know it.)
The discussion could be videoed by Luke and posted on the blog.

#2: Luke, Fred and any other interested bloggees attend one of the illustrated talks I give: one on crop circles as true mysteries and the other on the Apollo missions.  The second one is titled “Americans Walked on the Moon—-Don’t Bet on It!”

Don’t have any talks booked at the moment but interest on your part could spur me to book some—–OR someone reading this could come up with a venue.

Delusionally yours,
Zan Overall



Zan’s effort to compare himself with Galileo is off base.  Galileo based his views on personal observation.  I think it’s clear that Zan does not base his views on personal observation but rather a cocktail of the web conspiracy theory echo chamber and his own emotional needs.

Zan argues that there are millions who think that 9/11 is a great big conspiracy.  Apparently, Zan subscribes to several delusions, some of which are the province of a small band white supremecists (holocaust denial) and some having a wider following.  Zan’s subscription to delusional beliefs that have a large following does not erase the fact that he also subscribes to delusional beliefs that have at most a tiny and discredited following.

As I suspected, Zan has several delusional beliefs, and he goes to great lengths to convince others of his beliefs (e.g. his web site, handing out flyers, etc.)  There is a substantial emotional investment in his prosyletizing.  Nobody goes to these lengths unless it satisfies an emotional need.  It would be interesting to know more about this emotional need(s), and its source.  Does Zan feel that he has been denied proper credit in some of his past dealings?  Does he have a grudge?  Is there a cabal that is busy denying him his true stature?

One final note: There are two kinds of people who eschew common wisdom:  those who actually have some kind of insight that others lack, and those who are deluded.  As I mentioned above, Galileo falls into the first category.  I see no evidence suggesting that Zan falls into anything other than the second category.


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