He Took Advantage Of His Position As A Blogger

I’m glad I’ll never be susceptible to that charge.

"You have nothing to lose!" I’m often told by people in positions of authority. They envy my freedom. I can speak my mind. I can engage with dangerous people. I don’t have to worry about my reputation.

Can you imagine a woman complaining, "He took advantage of his position as a blogger. He writes about things that interest me. He writes in a way that toys with my heart. I was vulnerable and he took cruel advantage."

As a kid, I felt powerless. I did not feel attunement. That was the word I learned in therapy today. When I fell and skinned my knee, everyone around me would be told, "He’s ok! He’s fine!" I was allowed to speak for myself.

I hated feeling powerless. I hated feeling powerless towards the rabbis. I worked hard to remedy the situation. I hate placing myself in positions that feel powerless. I love my blog. I love being able to even the score. I love that I can explain myself and my feelings and my thoughts and my actions. I love that I can go on forever and that I have enough skills as a writer that I can suck people into my journey and take them along for the ride.

According to this online dictionary, "attunement" means: " To bring into a harmonious or responsive relationship:"

Thinking about this word, I realize the number of times that I am not attuned to others, that I ride roughshod over their needs in my pursuit of a laugh (or other more vulgar needs).

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