Steve Sailer: Russian Adventuresses (with family in Israel) and the Farooks

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* What strikes me as very unusual is that a Russian immigrant with family ties to Israel would hook up with a Pakistani Muslim. That deserves a closer investigation.

* USA as flophouse/shopping mall. Ask a native white or black American in my home state where they live and they tell you, “Atlanta,” or “Dahlonega” or “Brunswick.” Americans are apt to express regional pride: the South, the Appalachians, out West.

But to immigrants it’s all one undifferentiated, AMERICA!, and they gravitate to wherever their patronage networks are or the green card-spouse, etc. and drift around from there. Never really settling in, adopting a consumerist, shallow, secular lifestyle. The perfect citizens for an all-grasping federal government and its mega-corp sponsors.

* I don’t know what scam the sister’s parents used to get into Israel but all the clues point to the sisters have little or no Jewish origin. They are as Jewish as a ham sandwich.

Sharon’s looks have an explanation – his mother was a Subbotnik – these were Russian Christian peasants who spontaneously adopted Judaism on their own and were not (at least at first) accepted as Jews by the Jewish community. A lot of them went to Palestine and ironically they were much more religious than the Jewish Zionists, most of whom leaned toward socialism. The closest equivalent in the US would be the Black “Jews” like Michelle Obama’s cousin the “Rabbi”. Eventually the Subbotniks who went to Palestine blended into the regular Jewish community.

Possibly the sisters’ parents claimed Subbotnik ancestry as their ticket to Israel. The article says that they are from a village nearly 400 miles south of Moscow. That general area is where the Subbotniks were centered. This area is outside the Pale of Settlement (the portion of Poland annexed to Russia in the 18th century) where all the real Jews were originally located. Prior to that annexation, Russia had (other than the Subbotniks) very few Jews.

* Earlier articles had the girls from Voronezh, which I assume is the local big town, in Russia, about 150 miles NE of Kharkiv (which is in the Eastern Ukraine). This would be about the furthest German advance into Russia in WW2 (for context: they made it about another 100-200 miles to the SE towards Volgograd (Stalingrad). I’m thinking Kursk was fought just about there.)

I agree that the girls do not look particularly Jewish, but I’m guessing they are dying their hair also. I think it’s also true that to get to Israel there must have been some Jewish ancestry, however, my experience with Soviet Jews back in the day is that for the most part they were secular and frequently had non-Jewish spouses. I’m not sure what fraction of heritage is used: I’ve heard of immigrants from the former USSR having 1/4 German heritage getting into Germany, not sure what standard applies to Israel. It seems likely that one of the parents is “Jewish” by Russian ethnic category. Incidentally, the earlier Washington, DC marriage explains the Italian surname cited earlier for the eldest sister.

Also worth mentioning that this part of Russia, i.e., anything in the area south or north of Moscow and moving East is going to be still very ethnically diverse, not only Jews of various ethnic origins (e.g., Subbotniks, Circassians — I actually knew a Circassian Jewish family in NYC 40 years ago who were thoroughly assimilated) but also the various Finno-Ugric tribes (Mordvin, Mari, etc.) who are going to be hard to tell from anyone else without some powerful “Slavdar.” Remember the old saying, “Scratch a Russian, find a Tatar” — think Charles Bronson — the Russian Empire was very diverse.

* Sharon did not become prime minister until 2000/01. The immigrants came to Israel mostly during the 80s and 90s, under governments of both right and left. And bringing them in was not controversial among Jewish Israelis. The right, the Jewish left and the religious Zionists all wanted them. The Left, in particular, wanted them because the Russians are secular Ashkenazim (those of them who are Jewish). Unfortunately for the Left, the Russian immigrants, although they remain nonreligious and hostile to the ultra-Orthodox (“haredi”) parties, generally vote for right-of-center parties and have no sympathy for the Left’s Arab mascots and no use for the Left’s secular progressive ideology, which reminds them of communism. Perhaps the Left now regrets having brought in the Russians, but they’re stuck with them.

The haredi parties, as well as the haredi chief rabbinate, may have been unhappy about the Russian immigrants, but the haredim are not really Zionist parties in the first place, and represent only around 10% of the population.

* Voronezh was precisely the center of the Subbotnik movement. Hair dyed or not, the girls register zero on my Jewdar for actual Ashkenazi ancestry.

Since Jewish descent is matrilineal, as long as their maternal grandmother was Jewish (in turn had a Jewish mother) the rest doesn’t matter, but I’m still voting for a Subbotnik claim.

Israel hasn’t really looked that hard at the Soviet “Jews” – they figure that if you identify as Jewish that’s one more for their team and anyway your kids will grow up as Zionists in a Jewish atmosphere, serve in the Israeli army, etc. so whatever residue of Christianity you had (e.g. posing under a Christmas tree) will fade away in a generation or two. Sharon is the ultimate example. Many Russian “Christians” are atheist anyway and having emigrated to Israel as supposed Jews are in no position to attend church or associate themselves with organized Christianity.

* I was in an upscale mall near Bethesda, MD, this weekend. Maybe 20% of the patrons were white Americans; the rest were Indian/East Asians, in family groupings, and a smattering of Hispanics. Aside from the immediate observation that they were all (from the 3 year olds through the waddling mothers and fathers to the abuelas) monstrously unattractive, they were all obviously pretty well-off (other than the Hispanics, who appeared to be there to go to Target and Costco). My guess (based on the horrible clothes, lack of fluent English and poor grooming) was that the key demographic among the fathers was H1-B/former H1-B computer programmers making in the 90-150k range. In any case, despite the unpleasant feeling witnessing all of this gave me in the pit of my stomach, it was clearly giving the American consumer goods industry one hell of a shot in the arm (the place was absolutely buzzing, from GameStop to Nordstrom and Saks). It is experiences like this that tell you what you *really* need to know about the bi-partisan consensus on race replacement in America.

* Their identity seems to be rather fluid depending on whatever door they want opened. It doesn’t seem as if they actually care much about ethnic-religious-racial identity and just hook up with those who seem compatible on a personal basis, entering the ranks of the masses of mixed-meat people of the US. I wouldn’t call them gold-diggers though since the men they got involved with were rather low in status and money nor were they very good-looking men. Just some floaters like millions of others.

* “The white or yellow ones seem to assimilate within a few generations. It’s a matter of what groups you can marry into.”

Assimilate in the sense of becoming indistinguishable by speech or mannerisms alone? Perhaps. But they bring their particular social capital to this country – the kind of social capital that allows them to work at mall kiosks, become garage beauticians, and run immigration grifts – and that stays. What really happens is that the country assimilates to them and becomes more like them.

* “While Marquez lived at his parents’ home — they knew nothing of the marriage — his wife continued to live with and date her ex-boyfriend, he told investigators, according to the affidavit.”

“Date” has become a four-letter word.”

Indeed. They were dating each others brains out, no doubt.

* This describes the mall near me pretty closely. Is it just mall culture? Tons of people from the Middle East and Eastern Europe, and yeah, they operate those kiosks down the center of the mall selling worthless junk. Do those kiosks actually make any money? I wonder if there’ll be an expose on them some time as just scams to get money from the people opening them.

Interesting juxtaposition here in my white, Republican county in NoCal. I was called for jury duty and wound up in a hallway with about 95% white people. Only one black guy, and a handful of Asians/Hispanics. We’re the registered voters, see. What a contrast to the mall just down the street! Whites vote and sit on juries, immigrants shop and run kiosks.

* Mexers are Mexophobic.

They kill one another, distrust one another, and try to flee to gringoland.

* I was in an “outlet mall” in the Philadelphia suburbs and experienced the same thing – the crowd was maybe 80% non-white, mostly immigrant. Maybe these are the only people with any disposable income or maybe white people shop on the internet nowadays or already have most of the crap they need and have renounced materialism, but I’m sure that if all the immigrants disappeared tomorrow that mall would go broke in a matter of weeks. Then again, probably 90+% of the stuff they were selling in that mall was also imported. Perhaps someday they will figure out a way to sell made in Bangladesh clothes to Bangladeshis in Bangladesh so they won’t have to go 7,000 miles in order to buy stuff made in their home country. Aside from the fat corporate profits that come from selling $10 Chinese sneakers for $100 once you put a “swoosh” on them, these malls do provide some minimum wage jobs for the cashiers and stock clerks, but that’s about it.

* Speaking only of the immigrant Russian Jewish women I know, they all look unequivocally Ashkenazi, as if they’d just stepped out of a Gustav Klimt painting (e.g. Adele Bloch-Bauer). Their notable character traits include intelligence, warmth, honesty, moderation, and an uncanny aesthetic sense. They seem to have none of the bitter sharpness or odd superstitions of ethnic Russians. They do gravitate towards other Russian Jews and non-Russian former SSR types (Georgians, Armenians…) but they are not exclusive, readily forming friendships with your typical educated American. The best social event I’ve ever attended was a quasi-secular Russian Jewish wedding. Everyone went out of their way to make us feel welcome. The joie de vivre at that event was pretty overwhelming. Providing that the sisters Chernykh were the exception proving the rule, we could do with more Russian Jewish immigrants.

* Perhaps third world immigrants (headed up by a respectably-paid patriarch, as opposed to East African cab drivers) are the only group in America (of those able to afford it) for whom the gaudy consumer experience of a tacky, generic shopping mall is actually still exciting? Most whites I know, even outside of the SWPL urban bubble, find this sort of thing as exhausting, stressful and dehumanizing as I do, and resort to it because they really need to buy some new houseware or other annoying-to-order-online item. As opposed to newly economically empowered third worlders, for whom it remains a great day out (and provides lots of opportunities to post to social media for their relatives back at home, who will no doubt be here as well in a few years).

It reminds me of a recurring theme on this blog: third world immigrants, both at the relatively high IQ end (Indian business analysts and systems engineers), through the criminally-inclined (former soviets) to the mestizo end, have incredibly poor taste and aesthetic sensibilities by the standards of modern SWPLs.

* For a United Nations experience, go to almost any mall in the greater Los Angeles area, especially in the San Fernando Valley and mid-Wilshire. You will find a range of nationalities to match the languages, such as the Hollywood elementary school that had 56 different languages spoken.

There must be a high demand for cell phone cases and screen protectors, based on the demographics. In parts of the east Valley, there is a vibe of Nice cell phone you have there, shame if something were to happen to it.

In the smaller shopping areas in Malibu you usually hear English with some Scandinavian and other European languages spoken by au pairs and tourists depending on the season. There may be the odd Hebrew or Farsi speaker on occasion.

* Although the Subbotniks adopted (some) Jewish religious practices, they were otherwise indistinguishable from other Russian peasants. They were as different from Ashkenazi Jews in the Pale as chalk and cheese. As I said before, the closest equivalent in America would be “Black Hebrews”.

* I crossed paths occasionally with a literacy volunteer who taught a bunch of the “Russian Jews” to read English, or in some cases, read. One woman he taught, whom I met, was a Russian non-Jew married to a Jew. She was frustrated because no one would be straight up with her about how to spell her first name “in an American way.” Her name, Angelica, was transliterated by her handlers as something like Anzhelyikeh, though I think it had more letters than that.

The fact was, her handlers wanted her to retain her apartness. She wanted to assimilate as fast as possible. She used to listen to English regional dialect tapes at the public library to practice them, since, as she put it, she didn’t know where she was going to end up finding a job, and wanted not to “Stick out like too stupid to learn. Like, you know, those Allied Drive people.”

That was local code for blacks. She had been in the US for two weeks before noticing racial differences, and her literacy tutor (NY Ashkenazi lefty Jew) took it on himself to try to brainwash her otherwise. It didn’t work. She eventually asked for another tutor, and he told me that she “had become a fascist,” and he reported her as such to the program. I doubt it amounted to anything. In any event he soon gave up tutoring. But I digress.

* The US has become an undefended target in the eyes of millions of people who plan to come here and NEVER GO HOME. Obviously these sisters are two examples of that. What makes their case particularly galling is that they had a First World haven in Israel with their parents but no, they had to come here too.

We spend trillions on defense and yet we are defenseless. We spend trillions on making other First World countries safe (Europe, Japan, South Korea) yet we do not take care of ourselves.

It all just makes me sick.

* There wasn’t a buried lede, there was no lede – when is Maria being deported for engaging in a sham marriage? Weren’t the reporters interested in that question? They already have Enrique admitting to engaging in marriage fraud. Maria is the “Great White Illegal” that can be used as a poster-child for deportation. You’d think that the press, depressed at their bad luck at never hitting blackjack for the “Great White Defendant” in murder and rape cases or the “Great White Terrorist” would jump at the chance to highlight the “Great White Illegal” and yet they don’t want to lift the lid on this issue and write about deporting Maria.

* There are enormous distinctions and differences between pre-1924 Great Wave immigrants and post-1965 immigrants, and every one of the differences of the post-1965 immigrants has contributed far less to us than the plundering they’ve done to the United States. Pre-1924 immigrants contributed to building the United States and aspired to and attained assimilation that, by 1940, had melded us into One People (we were even proud of our regional distinctions, to the point that Americans joked good-naturedly about them); while the post-1965 immigrants have come merely to feed parasitically off of the rotting welfare state splinter-group-identity-politics corpse of what used to be our country. The contrast is blindingly obvious to ordinary Americans who lived and knew our One People era, but is invisible to ordinary Americans who grew up from 1960 on.

* “Adventuresses” is a really flamboyant term for women who hawk phone protectors in the mall or run hair salons from their garage.

* That presupposes they are satisfied with their station in life. I doubt this. Adventuress is pretty apt for a couple of gals who have crossed several borders and dated several men when it has been to their advantage. Not forgetting the deceit of at least the younger sister.

The only heartwarming part is that you have Jews and Muslims dating on a regular basis. Who said the peace process was dead.

* She will be deported likely once they convict her dumb mestizo patsy of immigration fraud (the technical charge is called something different, I can’t remember what exactly). They won’t charge her with a crime, more than likely — while jail time is technically a legal sanction for immigrants engaging in fraud of this nature, they very rarely pursue this course of action. The usual option is simply deportation – which makes a lot more sense, really. But deport they (almost) always do. There is simply no way you are staying in the US after you’ve been judged to have engaged in immigration fraud. The fact that there are tens of millions of turd worlders living it up here tends to obscure this reality in the perceptions of many, but it is in fact a reality.

Also — deporting her right now as a perpetrator of immigration fraud would surely be prejudicial to the criminal case being faced by Marquez, no?

* The Dallas Cowboys became America’s team and now America has become the world’s country. Everybody thinks America is their country. All they have to do is move here and we have no say about it. We have to accept them and let them take our jobs, although according to the elites there is no such thing as “our jobs”. America is really getting to be a big joke.

* I wasn’t born here, I came here legally. I went before the Judges, I even went to a passport photo location that was on the list given to me by the government because that was one of the locations on the list, I’m sure I could have gone anywhere for the photos. I went to the interviews, it never occurred to me to cut corners or take shortcuts. I took these things seriously, I thought it meant something. I wanted to be an American and that meant doing things like the Americans did them. I look at these people and all I see is slime, sleazebags that have no principles other than getting what they want as easily and quickly as they want. Nothing means anything besides gimme. I can barely read the news anymore. People from outside and people inside. I am waiting for the day when there will be a full magazine spread of the Kardashians taking a shit. What has happened to us? My God, we are in a light speed race to the bottom. I met some new “immigrants” from XXXX recently and they were wearing Nike headbands, I almost crapped my guts. Even the ISIS murderers are wearing Nike headbands. It seems all there is COOL! Blah! Whatever!

* “So if were an HBD inclined female you would feel better being gang raped by a platoon of 110 IQ Japanese soldiers vs. a platoon of 80 IQ Negro soldiers”.

Yes. Smaller penis size. Not so painful.


* The New York Times has an interesting map about Trump’s Republican support across the Nation. The Trump Belt basically tracks Appalachia into the Deep South. Trump’s support is strongest in West Virginia and then New York State. He seems particularly popular in North Carolina, and the Deep South States of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. It would be interesting if there was a Scots-Irish aspect to Trump support as he is the son of the Outer Hebrides. Louisiana makes sense for some strange reason as they have a penchant for “Big Man” politics and larger than life characters, but Alabama and Mississippi supporting a Yankee is interesting.

Seems like Trump is popular with “Former Californians” in Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and perhaps Hawaii. In general, Trump polls well in California, admittedly these are California Republicans. The same can be said about Hawaiian Republicans and New York Republicans.

Trump polls worst in the Mountain West. In particular, the Republican stronghold of Utah has no time for him. I assume his larger than life persona that helps him in Louisiana and New York gets little mileage in more milquetoast and sane Utah. It would seem that the Mountain West with the least exposure to the wonders of Diversity are the States least interested in Trump’s message.

* A few years back, we had a lot of burglaries in the Hollywood hills. The police were flummoxed. Driving out of my friends apartment in the area of concern, I notice an spent out looking Eastern European guy standing in front of his building. I said, “you see that guy? There’s your burglary problem.”
He says, “how do you know?” I said “because I know a Russian or an Eastern European fresh off the boat when I see em. You’ve got fresh eurotrash living in some apartment in the area, and they’re organized.”
Long story short, the police held stake outs, and found that it was exactly as I’d said.
The Russians they could catch were prosecuted, their apartments raided, and the burglaries stopped. But not before one of em got into my friends gated parking area, and relieved one of the tenants of their Beemer at gunpoint.
They’re pretty easy to pick out, since the don’t know how to blend in, aside from being white. Shitty clothes or track suits, gold chains, greased back hair, stupid look on their face, etc.
If you see the likes of them hanging in an expensive neighborhood, its not good.
Luckily, they think they blend in, but they don’t. All you have to do is pay attention, and call the cops when you see them hanging around.

* Tragically for Bill Cosby’s son, he didn’t haul out of there when changing his tire in the Hollywood Hills.

* Between 1968 and 1973, almost all Soviet Jewish emigres resettled in Israel. By 1975-1976, however, a near majority favored resettlement in the United States. While the government of Israel wanted all emigres to resettle in Israel, many American Jewish leaders supported “freedom of choice” — the right of Soviet Jewish emigres to choose their country of resettlement. In 1989, however, when Mikhail Gorbachev allowed free emigration for Soviet Jews and over 90 percent preferred to come to the United States, American Jewish leaders supported their government’s policy to limit the entry of Soviet Jews as political refugees.

Even before the monthly dropout [dropouts being Jewish refugees who were opting not to go to Israel] figure rose above 50 percent in March 1976, the situation alarmed the Israeli government. The Israelis and their supporters argued that Israel needed these highly skilled and well-educated potential immigrants for its survival. They could make an important contribution to Israel’s economic development and help in the demographic struggle between a declining Jewish majority and very fertile Arab minority.1

In the confrontation over dropouts, all parties assumed that most Soviet Jewish emigres would prefer to settle in Israel. Understated was a position articulated later by Gitelman, Salitan, and others that most emigres after 1973 preferred the United States with its perceived greater economic opportunities. Gitelman suggests that those Soviet Jews with stronger Jewish identities from the Baltics, Moldavia, and Georgia went to Israel, while more assimilated Jews from the Soviet heartland preferred the West. Most Soviet Jewish Zionists who only wanted to immigrate to Israel had done so by 1973. The overwhelming majority leaving after 1973 were motivated more by economic betterment than by Zionist ideology. They saw Israel as a very small market with fewer opportunities.

At the meeting on July 15, 1976, Max Fisher, Chairman of the Board of Governors, presented an American position which recommended that Soviet emigres who exited on Israel visas and dropped out should not be aided in Vienna. This policy would go into effect once Soviet Jews had sufficient time to learn about the new policy. Those not wanting to go to Israel would have to apply in the Soviet Union for visas to other countries on the basis of family reunification. American Jewish organizations would pressure their government for visas for family reunification and provide aid to the refugees coming to the United States. They would discourage non-Jewish American refugee support organizations from helping dropouts.

The Israelis may have influenced Douglas’s thinking on Soviet Jewish refugees. He met with Raphael Kotlowitz, head of the Immigration and Absorption Department of the Jewish Agency, and also discussed “dropouts” with Yehuda Lapidot, head of the Liaison Bureau. Rather than request a change in U.S. policy, Lapidot explained to Douglas the Israeli policy of invitations, which involved a commitment to absorb them and to give them citizenship. He also explained that the same policy existed for Romanian Jews who also arrived as immigrants to Israel. He asked Douglas why the United States did not consider them refugees too. Why was American policy different vis-a-vis Jews from the Soviet Union? Realizing that Soviet Jews had the alternative of immigrating to Israel in the context of an overburdened American refugee load may have led Douglas to reconsider the American policy of granting all Soviet Jewish emigres refugee status. He came to believe that it was in the best interest of both the United States and Israel to have the maximum number of Soviet Jews resettle in Israel.

At a dinner in November 1988, Undersecretary of State Richard Schifter suggested that the “United States may one day limit entry of Jews from the Soviet Union.” He emphasized that this was due to the large number of those being let out and “particularly when there is another country of refuge — Israel.” He also noted that much of the financial burden for resettling Soviet Jews would rest with American Jewry. Whereas Ambassador Douglas had suggested a similar policy in the early 1980s and met insurmountable opposition from American Jewish organizations, in 1989 the American Jewish establishment would support the new American restrictions on refugee status for most Soviet Jews. It would abandon freedom of choice.

Finally, in contrast to the 1970s, the American Jewish establishment in 1989 was more willing to support the Israeli demand that Soviet Jews be resettled in Israel. Many felt Israel needed them and that Israel provided a better opportunity for them to remain Jewish and part of the Jewish people. Costs were also less and it was easier to raise money among American Jews to resettle Soviet Jews in Israel than in the United States.

In recalling this period many years later, several Jewish lay leaders and professionals argued that they and the majority of American Jewry remained committed to freedom of choice; that Soviet Jews were entitled to choose where they wanted to live. We may prefer that they go to Israel, they argued, but we cannot decide for them. To a great extent, however, by 1989 the CJF leadership and the American Jewish establishment had qualified and then abandoned their support for freedom of choice.

Soviet Jews exiting after November 6, 1989, would not be allowed to apply for visas as refugees at American Embassies in Europe. In addition, aid for dropouts in Europe from HIAS and JDC would be curtailed. This “ended” the dropout phenomena. According to Rabbi Israel Miller, the dropout problem “was resolved by the United States Government by creating a quota.”

This arrangement of a two-track system in Moscow resulted in Israel becoming, “by default, the destination for the vast majority of Jews seeking refuge.” With the opening of the gates in 1989, most Soviet Jewish emigres chose to go to Israel. Almost 400,000 did so between 1989 and 1992. Far fewer went to the United States.

For the time being, the Soviets did not allow direct flights to Israel. To make sure that Soviet Jewish emigres did not drop out, Israel took the precaution of flying them via Eastern European countries. These countries did not allow emigrants to stay and agreed not to raise issues of freedom of choice. The Jewish Agency and Liaison Bureau set up transit sites in Bucharest, Warsaw, and Budapest. By the 1980s the American Jewish establishment supported “direct flights” via Communist countries. They were aware that this denied all participants the option of dropping out on their way to Israel.”

* Wikipedia: “Between 1989 and 2006, about 1.6 million Soviet Jews and their non-Jewish relatives and spouses, as defined by the Law of Return, emigrated from former Soviet Union.[1] About 979,000, or 61%, migrated to Israel. Another 325,000 migrated to the United States, and 219,000 migrated to Germany.[2][3] According to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, 240,000 of the immigrants who arrived in Israel, or 26%, were not considered Jewish by Orthodox interpretations of Jewish law (which only recognizes matrilineal descent), but were eligible for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return due to patrilineal Jewish descent or marriage to a Jew.”

“Orthodox interpretations of Halakha recognize only matrilineal descent. However, the Law of Return qualifies anyone who has a Jewish grandparent, or is married to a Jew. As a result of this discrepancy, the immigration wave included many people who were not considered Jews by the Israeli Rabbinate, such as children of a Jewish father and non-Jewish mother, grandchildren of Jews, or non-Jewish spouses of Jews, who were eligible under the Law of Return. In 1988, a year before the immigration wave began, 58% of married Jewish men and 47% of married Jewish women in the Soviet Union had a non-Jewish spouse.[25] Some 26%, or 240,000, of the immigrants had no Jewish mother, and were thus not considered Jewish under Halakha, or Jewish religious law, which stipulates one must have a Jewish mother to be considered Jewish. This causes problems when they wish to marry, as in Israel marriage arrangements for all religious communities are made by the relevant religious authorities, and in the case of Jewish citizens, only by Orthodox rabbis. This leads many to marry abroad in civil ceremonies, as civil marriages conducted outside Israel are recognized upon the couple’s return.[26]”

“At the start of the mass immigration, almost all those immigrating from the former USSR were considered Jews under Halakha. The proportion of those who were not considered Jewish by Orthodox interpretations of Halakha among the immigrants consistently rose throughout the immigration wave. For example, in 1990 around 96% of the immigrants were Jews and only 4% were non-Jewish family members. However, in 2000, the proportion was: Jews – 47%, non-Jewish spouses of Jews – 14%, children from Jewish father and non-Jewish mother – 17%, non-Jewish spouses of children from Jewish father and non-Jewish mother – 6%, non-Jews with a Jewish grandparent – 14% and non-Jewish spouses of non-Jews with a Jewish grandparent – 2%.”

* Alas, these girls’ parents must be devastated by their choice to get involved romantically with people of non-European decent. As parents they must feel like complete & total failures.

* Republicans living in California, Hawaii or New York are people who aren’t choosing sides because of social proof but have decided to be Republicans in places where they will experience blow back for doing so. That tells me they are more committed to their principles and are likely to take the enemy more seriously.

* “We could do with more Russian Jewish immigrants.”

Yeah, because you can never have enough Medicaid fraud, welfare scams, car insurance scams and human trafficking.

* The problem with HBD is that you could use it to justify genocide on the grounds of the higher IQ group having the right to get rid of the lower IQ group in the most efficient way possible? While nationalism, like white nationalism is more about we want to like the way we are, and IQ arguments are only secondary in nature?

* Russian women are notorious for requiring BEEEG A-holes. Not just your standard grade jerks. BEEEG! Jerks. Bad boys. A-holes. A-holeness to a whole other level. Like Chechen level even.

If these Russian women had wanted money, well Silicon Valley is filled with nerds with money. But they never touched them. Heck they could have landed an up and coming Hollywood writer, on the theory that a strong female hand guiding them could turn a C lister screenwriter into an A lister producer. But they did not choose that.

Instead, what did two pretty young women with no money and no real support choose — the brother of a Jihadi who was low rent — his father a retired truck driver; and a Latino layabout, the latter with which the younger one had a child.

Here’s the perfect test case for the failure of beta male provision. Not even Uber, Lyft, and Dropbox money could persuade two attractive Russian women to stomach White beta male nerdiness — instead they chose two swarthy but dominant A-holes. Tingles uber alles. Heck not even the allure of Hollywood fame, of being maybe the wife of a big time producer could make them stomach the SWPL lack of uber-A-hole testosterone.

If Weed is the big vice of the male millenial generation, then A-hole testosterone is that of its women. There is enough money to be made for even relative failures scamming the system that beta male provisioning is worthless while Alpha male a-holeness is cost-less.

Something to ponder — as Jewish women shun anything but swarthy A-holes like the Russian women who probably are not Jewish, what will the Jewish male response be? Double down on the beta male strategy or Alpha Up via technology, including testosterone enhancement, artificial personality enhancement (don’t laugh, its already a DARPA project), and sex bots? Or simply switch gears and demand deportation of all the Alpha A-holes on the theory of likely scamming (true) and terrorism (at least probable for many).

* Chaim Amalek: “What is our response? What it has always been: Torah. That, and the faith that Hashem will send us a worthy Bais Yakov girl to marry.”

* Re: Warsaw Pact immigrants in Southern California.

Indeed, our merdia, to use the appropriate French moniker,
cannot be expected to pay attention to such trivial matters.
They are white, after all, so who cares?

But seriously, although most of the commenters concerned
themselves with the recent post-’90 Russian immigrants,
the vast majority of the immigrants from the Soviet bloc
prior to 1990 were from Poland, and they still form a
thriving community in So Cal, centered to some extent
around the church of Our Lady of the Bright Mount on
Adams Blvd in LA. The church, by the way, was partly
funded by Liberace (who was half-Polish), the entertainer
par excellence who at the time was one of the richest people
in show business.
The problem is that the U.S. has about 10 million Polish
Americans but they’ve been here so long (first settlers came
on the Mayflower, and major settlements started in Texas
around 1800) that they’re thoroughly assimilated, and so
largely invisible. Probably 3/4 changed names through
marriage or simplification: Congressman Rostenkowski’s
daughter shortened it to Rosten. How many people would
recognize Martha Stewart (née Kostyra), Meg Ryan (née Hyra),
Pat Benatar (née Andrzejewski) or Pat Sajak, for that
matter, as Polish?

In So Cal there are hundreds of thousands of Polish
Americans, born here or immigrants, typically well
educated and solidly middle class. They fund the annual
Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles and the Polish Music
Center at USC – devoted to more recent composers like
Szymanowski, Penderecki, Paderewski or Gorecki.

I’ve met a Polish woman who came here at the age of 10,
and today is a multimillionaire, thanks to wise investments
in California real estate. A UCLA degree didn’t hurt either.

* Many Polish Jews whom I’ve met in So Cal, who have immigrated
here from Poland in the last few decades, prefer not to associate
with the American-born Jews and either stick to themselves or
have close relations with the Polish immigrants. It’s no secret that
thousands of Polish Jews have double passports, and visit Poland

As to the Russian immigrants, I saw a big influx of Russian students
at my university, starting in the mid-’90s, but after 2005 they seem
to have vanished. A couple of Russian girls were cleaning my university
office once, around 1997, and the first question they asked was, “Are
you married?” Similarly, I hear many of the 500,000 Ukrainians who
are in Poland on short-term work visas are hoping to snag a Polish
husband, particularly since the Ukrainian economy continues to
be in free fall. Will more Russian women start coming to Poland now
that Russia is going through a severe recession? Both Russia and
Ukraine have enormous surpluses of women, going into millions,
due to the short life expectancy of Russian and Ukrainian males.


* For devious lowlifes, the US is a bonanza: aggressively-enforced civil rights laws, a tort system that rewards fraud, malls full of fat, dumb, happy marks, a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, friendly, naive neighbors who’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and won’t ask a lot of questions. This appears to be enough to make a sham marriage to some thirsty schmuck with a steady job worth it in the criminal calculus.

If you’re a sleazy Subbotnik with adequate street-smarts, the US is a great place to live. Otherwise, you’re having to duke it out with all the other sleaze back home, among people who see you coming a mile away and cops who aren’t above the occasional beatdown.

* Emma Lazarus used the term “Golden Door” in “New Colossus” to describe this mindset: the door behind which all the bling and goodies can be found. Regrettably, I can’t remember the phrase in Yiddish.

* Nigerian email scammer made possibly millions of dollars but also made the mistake of being in the US on a student visa when he was caught.

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