When Did I Board The Trump Express?

On June 16, 2015, when Donald Trump announced he was running for president, a friend of mine listened to his speech on the radio. When we met up that morning, he told that I would love Donald Trump. He was saying all the things I was saying about problems such as illegal immigration.

That morning, I had no enthusiasm for the Donald. I didn’t take him seriously. I thought he was a joke. I dismissed my friend’s comments.

On June 28, 2015, my friend Khunrum emailed my email Advisory Committee:


Robert: “Sorry. My vote belongs to Larry Flynt.”

Fred: “There was an interesting item in the news–apparently, Trump hired a bunch of actors (extras) to show up and cheer at his announcement that he was running for president. This guy is a real piece of work.”

Robert: “I thought I saw Ron Jeremy in the back waving a sign… Shameless!”

Khunrum: “This must be a celebrity thing…I swear I saw Caitlyn Jenner.”

Robert: “It was a cross promotion for Trump’s new show Lady Boy Apprentis.”

Chaim Amalek: “He’s the only man running who understands our immigration problem and is willing to talk about it. Deep in your heart you know he’s right.”

Khunrum: “If the Don comes in second in a primary or two or even wins one they won’t able to keep him out of the debates. Donald debating the other is something I’d love to see.”

Fred: “Oh, the debates will certainly be interesting to watch.”

Robert: “They should show the debate on Comedy Central.”

Khunrum: “We’re doing our part to keep the laughs rolling here in Texas…We have our former dumbbell governor Rick Perry running (for your entertainment pleasure) and the “intellectual” in the Bush family, brother Jeb. Then there’s Rick Santorum who brought a dead baby home…plus The Donald and others….it’s going to be a gas! gas! gas!”

I didn’t bother to join this email discussion.

On July 4, 2015, I made my first mention of “Donald Trump” on Facebook and Twitter by quoting this from a friend: “The outrage over Trump’s comments is interesting to watch; I’ve seen no one actually try to refute his statement on the facts.”

That same night, I posted: “Until Trump came along all the candidates were avoiding the issue including that prancing clown Walker who was caught several times showing his open borders bonafides.”

I was skeptical that Donald Trump was for real, but I started a “Donald Trump” category on my blog July 9, 2015. From that date on, I guess, I was aboard the Trump Express.

I did not mention Trump on my Facebook from July 4 until July 17, 2015, when I liked this Youtube video (Donald Trump FULL Press Conference with families of people killed by illegal aliens). The same day I liked another video (this one by American Renaissance) entitled, “Why Donald Trump Is Leading the Pack.”

On July 14, in a private FB chat, I wrote: “blowhard trump is tapping into WN sentiments.”

On July 19, I posted on FB a comment I read (probably in the comments section of Steve Sailer’s blog):

Trump could say: “Look, I respect everyone who served, captured or not. But back when America was great and we won wars, our heroes were men who did the capturing, like Alvin York. Let’s make America great again!”

On July 21, I posted on FB a comment I read (probably in the comments section of Steve Sailer’s blog):

“John McCain called Donald Trump supporters a bunch of crazy people. Why are Donald Trump supporters crazy? Because they want to see immigration levels in this country reduced and want to secure our border. John McCain is a shill for cheap 3rd world labor. On Fox And Friends last night they reported that the U.S government lets in over 120,000 Muslim immigrants into the U.S every year. And people wonder why homegrown Islamic terrorism on U.S soil is becoming more common. Why do we need that many Muslims entering the U.S every year? What not enough Falafel restaurants in this country? John McCain talks about how he is concerned about radical Islam becoming a growing threat on U.S soil, but yet he never points the blame on our country’s disastrous immigration system that lets in so many immigrants from Muslim countries who hate America.”

On July 23, 2015, I posted on FB a comment I read (probably in the comments section of Steve Sailer’s blog):

“Trump has pushed the Overton Window so wide, its gaping hole resembles Andrew “RawMuscleGlutes” Sullivan’s prolapsing rectum.”

On July 30, 2015, I posted on FB a comment by a friend:

Trump can win the nomination for sure, unless he does a Perot and runs from his possible destiny. He has a shot at winning the election in November against HRC especially if he points out that a rise in Hispanic power = fall in Black prospects. Whites + Blacks can put Trump in the Oval Office. I don’t know of any other Republican I could vote for. Certainly not Bush. I’d much much rather have Bernie Saunders as president than Bush.

That same day, I posted:

“In Trump’s case, he appears to be cornering the market on white voters, the backbone of the current Republican Party, the poll shows. Republicans need as many white votes as possible to offset demographic shifts in the United States that have handed Democrats an electoral advantage in the last two presidential elections.”

That same day, I posted something I read:

“The term’s connotations are racist. By alluding to a genre of porn in which passive white husbands watch their wives have sex with black men, it casts its targets as impotent defenders of white people in America. Prominent “cuckservatives” include Jeb Bush, John McCain, and Marco Rubio, politicians who have, in the imagination of the term’s promulgators, adopted a false — liberal — consciousness to appeal to the shifting opinions of the American electorate. In this narrative, the anti-cuckservative hero is Donald Trump, who is unafraid to speak a racially inconvenient truth about the dire trajectory of white men.”

On July 31, 2015, I posted:

Manly men are for Donald Trump! Girly men are for Jeb Bush. As my rebbe Chaim Amalek says to the sodomites: “You do not understand the yearnings of the Heterosexual Christian American Man, be he White or Black. Thus, you and many others are in for a surprise or two as the election season unfolds.”

That same day, I posted a comment from Steve Sailer’s blog:

“Trump once told Esquire, “You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.” That’s the kind of winning attitude they like in a leader south of the border.”

A couple of minutes later, I posted from Sailer’s blog:

“Countries where the men still dominate the women don’t face the same existential issues of fertility and border control. DUH. Ladies loved Cecil the Lion!!! His masculinity and dominance elevated him to regal status in the feminine mind. Watch Trump (or somebody like Trump) win the woman vote in 2016.”

And this:

“If some confident and unapologetic person like Trump were to announce that kicking out illegals and stopping mass legal immigration is a litmus test of national loyalty, I think we’d be pleasantly surprised by the number of blacks responding to that nativist appeal and the number of viva-la-raza triumphalists who would find it prudent to shut the hell up. (And, of course, the number of whites voting to save their country.)”

On August 3, I did these retweets:

* David Frum: “Immigration is not the sole reason for the Trump surge, but it is the factor GOP leaders most dislike to acknowledge”

* Mickey Kaus: “Note to Team@realDonaldTrump: Study 1st @Schwarzenegger debate. Funny, firm putdowns. Forceful. Won the day for him.”

On August 4, I posted this quote from Sailer’s blog:

“Scott Walker is another example of a top tier Republican candidate who has all the charisma of a Midwestern vacuum cleaner salesman. Unless Trump stumbles and self-destructs over the next six months, this race increasingly looks like it is going to be a blowout.”

On August 6, I posted a link to Chateau Heartiste with this quote:

“American wife, mother and entrepreneur.” This is how Trump’s HB9 daughter Ivanka describes herself. As a commenter said, note the order. When a daughter happily describes herself first and foremost as an American wife and mother, you know her father is an alpha male. Trump for President. “Make America Alpha Again”

On August 7, I posted a comment from Sailer’s blog:

“It’s pathetic for the party leaders to simultaneously trash the leading, most popular candidate and then question him for his loyalty to them. Trump owes nothing to Reince Preibus and the others, and pledging today to support the eventual winner (who may be ¡Jeb! who comes out for amnesty after securing the nomination) is neither wise nor honest. Trump himself said he doesn’t know his plans–if say a Ted Cruz or Scott Walker secures the nomination and campaigns strongly on illegal immigration and trade (and acts diplomatically toward Trump), I’m sure Donald would bless the nomination and back the GOP candidate. Spinning Trump’s personality traits against him only works if you disregard that he’s also confident, assertive, and patriotic. He gets things done. He knows Mexico is getting the better of us on immigration, China on trade, Japan on imports, etc. His ego is useful in fighting for American jobs and sovereignty issues. It’s hilarious you’d think Trump would waste millions of his own dollars, countless hours, and intense media critique so that he’d be the fall guy for the estranged wife of one of his golfing buddies. Way to read normal human behavior, bro. Yeah that sounds like a typical endeavor for a brash, cocky businessman who even you admit is “self-promoting.””

I then wrote: “The New York Times is an essential read, and the best newspaper in America by a mile. Hilarious article on Trump.”

I then quoted from Sailer’s blog:

“Trump’s best line so far: “If you don’t have a real border, you don’t have a country.” He needs to say it over and over.”

I linked to a VDARE Ann Coulter piece on Trump.

I posted:

Friend: “I don’t understand Ivanka Trump’s Orthodox Judaism”
Luke: “It was a hurdle to marry. There are many paths to the one true God.”

I liked this Youtube video: “Creepy Trump Tells Apprentice Contestant, “Must Be a Pretty Picture, You Dropping to

On August 8, 2015, I posted choice comments from Sailer’s blog:

* “They remind me physically and verbally of Rosie O’Donnell. Wish Trump had been there to say, “Shut up you slobs—by the way. Lay off the Cheetos. You’re pretty damned young to be so hefty.” That would have done my heart good.”

* “Donald Trump would have told them to pound sand and laughed. His refusal to back down to Megan Kelly took more balls than 99% of men can muster. The rest of the GOP field would have wilted and then started mumbling about how much they were against breast cancer or some other groveling gesture.”

On August 10, I posted from Sailer:

“Our rulers are dead afraid of any groundswell of popular political sentiment getting focused into a particular candidate and given voice. This is one reason Trump and Ron Paul have been so viciously attacked. Displays of populist passion don’t present a paradox with political assassination; they explain it. It’s always 1933-1945.”

I put Trump’s name in a headline for the first time August 15, 2015, with a post “Trump Has Game” excerpting Chateau Heartiste.

I made my first mention of “Donald Trump” in a personal Facebook chat on August 16, 2015. On August 17, I pronounced on FB and Twitter: “This election is Trump’s to lose. The powers that be will do everything they can to destroy him.”

On August 21, I watched Trump’s rally in Mobile that afternoon and my life forever changed. This man was for real. I was excited.

I posted on FB:

I’m watching Donald Trump live. He just said he comes from good genes. “Do you believe in genes? I believe in the gene thing.” Nature over nurture!”

On Saturday morning, August 22, 2015, I started telling people at shul that Trump could win and nobody believed me.

On August 23, I posted on FB: “When Donald Trump talks about the people who built this country, is he discussing the goyim or the coalition of the fringe (trannies, homos, blacks, Jews, etc)?”

On August 25, I posted:

* Oh, look, another Jew thinks it’s news that David Duke has an opinion about Trump. Is this a disconnect between Jewish journalism and Americans?

* “Luckily Trump isn’t a deep thinker paralyzed by complicated, or as the faux sophisticates say, complex issues. Mexicans are a lesser breed? Stop importing them! Simple. And more important not suicidal, a la every last position the sophisticates take.” (From Sailer’s blog)

* “Megan Kelly is Ailes/Murdoch PROXY. Wake the hell up. Fox tried to end Trump’s political career that night. There is no bigger opponent for Trump now. Exactly because Trump is an alpha with killer instinct is why he pursues his opponent relentlessly. Trump has the potential to do real damage to the Fox brand and Roger Ailes knows it.” (Sailer’s blog)

A search of my gmail account for “lukeisback” reveals I did not write the words “Donald Trump” in an email until Dec. 17.

Khunrum emails today:

The Donald is still making waves. First he rid us of Jeb Bush, the so called “intellectual” of the family. Actually I think dumb brother Dubya is smarter than Jeb. Then he gave a one two punch to that little weasel Rand Paul. Now he’s going after Hillary. It’s hilarious!

Robert: “It’s only funny until he wins. Then the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are released. Are you right with God, brothers? The time is at hand.”

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