Marc Gafni’s Son Survives 15 Days In Gaza To Get Injured In A Car Accident

Rabbi Dr. Marc Gafni blogs:

Eytan just got back from 15 horrendous days as the commander of a group of Israeli special forces commandos who were serving in Gaza. I will not – at this time – tell the stories he told me. They are stories of death. And heroism and man’s insanity against man. Three times he met death only to miss it by a fraction, a hairs breadth or in the tragic way of the soldier standing for a value higher then even life – he was left with no option other then to deal out death to protect life.

After Gaza he spent two weeks with his unit – re training- readying for whatever might happen next. A day or two after that – he caught a ride from the base towards his Kibbutz. There was a head on collision. He was thrown from the car with his leg caught in the door.

It is beyond a miracle that he is alive. One leg was badly damaged. After two surgeries, he is now in Safed waiting to be moved to Tel HaShomer, an army rehabilitation hospital.

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