I’ve Completed My Chronicle Of LimmudLA 2009

Part one is here and part two is here.

Here’s an excerpt from part two:

9 pm. The comedy festival features Avram Mandell, Gerry Katzman, Rabbi Simcha Levenberg and Mark Schiff.

Avram: "The problem with having a Hebrew name is that every time you meet someone, they want to tell you about every Jew they’ve ever known."

"Friday morning, I got to do a set for hotel staff and LimmudLA leaders. I got to explain some of the differences between Jews and Christians. We don’t believe in Jesus…except for driving down the 405 during rush hour."

Avram explains the Shabbos elevator. "There’s a law in the Talmud that says you are not allowed to use electricity on Shabbat. But if it happens to be running already, you can use it. If you are walking with your family and you happen to back into closet and that closet happens to go up to your floor, you’re allowed to use it."

LimmudLA boasts "Shabbos Friendly Bathrooms." What’s a Shabbos-Friendly Bathroom? Avram explains that it is a place where after you do your business, the toilet yells "Yasher Koach!"

Rabbi Simcha Levenberg explains we’re the only religion with our own aisle in the grocery store. "The non-Jews must think we live on Kedem grape juice, gefilter fish and yartzheit candles."

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