Israeli Model On Cover Of Sports Illustrated Bathing Suit Issue

It’s nice to remember Israel in happier days:


Maybe you’ve seen by now the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. (Sinners.) A few months after Bar Refaeli, the Israeli ex-pat, graced the cover of Heeb, she landed one of the best gigs in modeling. Coincidence? Unlikely. Another Heeb model, Esti Ginzburg, made the cut.

Here’s an interview Refaeli did with Time about modeling and Israeli politics:

This was your third year in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. The previous two years, were you sitting there with your fingers crossed?
The first year I didn’t expect it at all. Last year, when they came to Israel, I thought, Hmm, they came to my home country — maybe, you know, there’s a reason for it. But I didn’t get the cover, and it’s O.K. because working with Sports Illustrated is such a big compliment anyway that it’s not even a disappointment. Now that I am on the cover, I understand how exciting it is.

Who was the first person you told?
The first person I called was my mom, because she knew already. So I called to shout at her. She’d known for a few days. I’m like, “How can you do that?“ She always tells me everything.

Is it true you’ve been modeling since you were 8 months old?
Yes. Since I was 8 months old, till I was 12, I did commercials and ads and cute little stuff for kids. Then I had braces on my teeth. They took them off when I was 16, and then I started modeling more seriously and doing more fashion.

Luke says: This model makes me support Israel all the more enthusiastically and refreshes my hopes for the Jewish people. It is important that our children have such a positive role model.

I call a friend.

F: "She’s secular right?"

Luke: "She looks secular in these photos I’m looking at right now, hehe."

F: "Wawawa."

I’d sure like to talk to this Bar Refaeli chick about modesty (or any topic under the sun). It is so important that women dress in a way that does not arouse angry lustful jealous thoughts in men and take their concentration away from the Torah. The following photos illustrate the type of clothing that should not be worn by the God-fearing woman.

Too often Jewish men such as myself turn to shiksas to get our kicks. This is wrong. We should not sexually objectify non-Jewish women.

With this blog post, I am beginning a special project to eroticize Jewish women to Jewish men so that they will marry and have children together and raise them in the paths of righteousness.

So yes, it is a sin to show you the following photos, but I am doing it for the sake of Heaven.

When you look at them and think what it would be like to hook up with Bar Refaeli, please realize that this is only a taste of the ecstasy that awaits you when you get to know HaShem like I do. When I study the Talmud, it is more pleasurable to me than sleeping with a dozen women with the looks of Bar Refaeli. When I engage with the sacred text, it is as though my soul is experiencing peak after peak sensation.

The lures of Torah puts chicks like Bar Refaeli to shame. Her photos are only the palest hint of the joy that awaits those who dedicate themselves to G-d’s will.

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