A night of violence that shattered a South African’s view of her white privilege

Pathological altruism. Sad.

Whites could still be running South Africa but they gave up and the country as a result has gone to hell.

When this white lawyer talks about speaking to blacks like they were children, she’s describing a common phenomenon when you’re dealing with someone less intelligent than you. Smart blacks have to talk to dumb blacks like they’re children just as smart Jews have to treat dumb Jews like they’re children and smart people everywhere have to deal with dumb people as though they are children.

IQ scores equate with years of maturity. Someone with a 70 IQ is functioning like a normal 10 year old with a 100 IQ.

I have an IQ around 130. When I deal with someone whose IQ is above 150, I feel like slow and a bit childlike.

South African blacks have an average IQ of about 70 while South African whites have an average IQ of about 100.

Descriptions of the I.Q. ranges

Lower than 20 — Profound retardation

Usually multi-handicapped with obvious physical deformities and short life expectancy. Heavily dependent on others. Can learn no or only the very simplest tasks.

20-34 — Severely retarded

Basic intellectual tasks, including language, are difficult to learn. Can learn some self-care behaviour but remain dependent on others. There are usually motor problems and physical anomalies. Usually not employable.

Profound and severe retardation are typically caused by brain damage during pregnancy, at birth, or early in life, and as such not genetic and not inherited.

35-49 — Moderately retarded

Can learn simple life skills and employment tasks with special education. May be employed in special settings, and achieve some independence. Often socially immature. Self-awareness — having an inner image of self, realizing that one is a person separate from the others around one — may exist from here on, but is not guaranteed to exist as it depends on more than intelligence alone. The most intelligent non-human animals, such as some crows, chimpanzees, bonobos, parrots, and dolphins, are in this range. Bonobo or chimpanzee I.Q. scores are sometimes even quoted as high as 80 or 90, but those are childhood age-peer scores that correspond to adult I.Q.’s of only just over 40.

50-69 — Mildly retarded

Educable, can learn to care for oneself, employable in routinized jobs but require supervision. Might live alone but do best in supervised settings. Immature but with adequate social adjustment, usually no obvious physical anomalies.

Moderate and mild retardation, contrary to the more severe forms, are typically not caused by brain damage but part of the normal variance of intelligence, and therefore largely genetic and inherited. This is important with regard to the question whether or not retarded persons should have children; for especially the moderate and mild forms of retardation, with which it is physically possible to have children, are the most likely to be inherited.

70-79 — Borderline retarded

Limited trainability. Have difficulty with everyday demands like using a phone book, reading bus or train schedules, banking, filling out forms, using appliances like a video recorder, microwave oven, or computer, et cetera, and therefore require assistance from relatives or social workers in the management of their affairs. Can be employed in simple tasks but require supervision.

80-89 — Below average

Above the threshold for normal independent functioning. Can perform explicit routinized hands-on tasks without supervision as long as there are no moments of choice and it is always clear what has to be done. Assembler, food service.

This is also the I.Q. range most associated with violence. Most violent crime is committed by males from this range. This does not imply that all males in this range are violent, nor that all violent males are in this range. But when the modal I.Q. of a group is in this range, one may expect trouble with with many male members of that group. When the modal I.Q. of a society or population is raised upward of this range, violence decreases as fewer males fall in this range then, given the shape of an even remotely normal distribution. When the modal I.Q. of a society is below this range to begin with though, raising it may increase violence. The causal mechanism behind the (statistical) relation between crime and below-average I.Q. is likely that lower I.Q. levels inherently tend to go with having less impulse control, being less able to delay gratification, being less able to comprehend moral principles like the Golden Rule, and being overstrained by the cognitive demands of society.

And, this is the range into which men of average or just above average intelligence sink when under the influence of alcohol; alcohol reduces I.Q. by up to about 25 points while drunk (own data), which explains why many drunk men are violent and aggressive (own hypothesis).

90-99 — Average

Able to learn a trade in a hands-on manner and perform tasks involving decisions. Craftsman, sales, police officer, clerk. Studies involving some theory are possible from this range upward.

100-109 — Average

Able to learn from written materials. Employable in senior positions.

110-119 — Above average

Able to learn in “college” format. Bachelor degrees. Manager, teacher, accountant. Just capable of taking high-range I.Q. tests.

From the Los Angeles Times:

On a lazy summer’s night, a South African family drifted indoors after arriving home. A gunshot rang out and the evening flipped.

Gunmen materialized in the low light. A second shot, and Tracey Lomax saw her husband fall.

“You’re not the boss!” one of them kept yelling furiously at him.

Lomax didn’t betray her terror. Quite the opposite.

She was a liberal white lawyer, known for taking on pro bono work for poor blacks. Yet she found herself, instantly and uneasily, assuming the apartheid-era role of the “white madam”: calm, firm, in control and used to telling black people what to do, even if they had guns.

As the ordeal wore on, the most aggressive of the gunmen forced her into the master bedroom. “He threw me down on the bed and said, ‘If you don’t give me jewelry now, I’ll stick you.’ I knew he meant rape.” She replied firmly, “We don’t behave like that. We’re not savages.”

“I took his hand off my shoulder. I said, ‘No, we are not doing this.’ And I walked back into the other room.” She spoke to him as if addressing a child — or giving orders to a gardener, telling him to plant a shrub in this place, not that place.

During the attack, she was at turns charming and patronizing to the intruders — the kind of white South African whose connections with blacks are limited to domestic staff and people behind service counters, one who keeps her car doors locked and windows resolutely up when beggars approach…

Racism remains so common that the South African Human Rights Commission deals with about 7,500 complaints of rights abuses a year, most related to race. Racist blogs referring to black South Africans as “things” or ascribing them with criminal tendencies are common.

Although most crime victims are black, South Africa’s high rate of violent crime is a focus for intense white anxiety.

And a violent home invasion robbery is a visceral nightmare of the predominantly white middle class. The Lomaxes’ rural district outside Johannesburg had seen dozens of horrifying attacks. A couple had been murdered. A woman had been raped in front of her 4-year-old son. People had been beaten and shot…

On that night five years ago, it was her young daughter who finally convinced the gunmen there was no hidden money or guns, just the computers, TV, DVD player and stereo.

“Jaime said, ‘We’re broke,'” Lomax said. “They wanted guns. Jaime piped up, ‘My parents don’t have guns because they don’t believe in them.'”

In the end, they were calling Lomax “madam.” They put pillows on the floor to make her comfortable, before gently tying her up with her arms around her daughter. They called Jaime “the little madam.”

…When Lomax went public with a recent article describing how the attack helped her to see her “white privilege” for the first time, it elicited a few supportive comments and hundreds of scathing ones, mainly from white males.

“It happened to me too,” wrote one reader, John Weavind. “I managed to get to my gun and I shot the lot … dead. I felt much better afterwards.”

Comments at LATimes.com:

* Now the left is telling whites that being violently attacked by blacks, being threatened with rape, and being put in a position of having your child raped and/or murdered is a “good way” to discover your “white priveledge”.

Ultimately, the left’s plan for “racial justice” will include even more black on white violence than is already present. Blacks assault and murder whites at 21 times the rate of the inverse. The ratio of black on white to white on black rape is thousands to one.

* Let’s just tell it like it is: The LA TIMES is feeling “white guilt” because only 3.4% of the writers are black (by their own admission) and there are NO Black People on the LA EDITORIAL Board. I mean you can’t even look around the room and see you haven’t hired any black writers/viewpoints for the editorial room?

* In all of my readings, I have never read something so pitiful as this story about a female atty who does pro bono for the poor and made enough money to hire help. And when the help turns on her family in a home invasion, she makes it sound like a princess fairy tale where the bad guys are so wonderful while she is so ashamed of herself. Is this Scarlett O Hara in Gone with the Wind of the 21st Century? Was this woman a witness for the defense? Makes me wonder.

* More silliness, I stopped reading the sickness…. Talk about propaganda.

“After the attack…” Lomax was angry “without really knowing why I was angry.” Duh? Because you were attacked??

“And she was tormented by the memory of how easily she had addressed her attackers from a position of reflexive white superiority.” Cancel my subscription now. This whole article, LOL!!!

* It sounds like this woman is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Women are not going to be truly equal until they learn to stand up for themselves and to stop deciding that the person directing violence against them has good reason for the violence.

* What a beautiful and sweet lesson to teach and pass on to your daughters….’…Girls, when you grow up and when you get raped (almost a certainty with her attitude), …you just lay back and enjoy it the best you can…just smile through it and say to yourselves…..it’s not the rapist’s fault they weren’t born into white privilege like me….

* The gunmen were so nice! They put pillows on the floor and called her daughter the “little madam: as they hog-tied them. What is wrong with this picture? Robbing, threatening rape, and leaving someone tied up on the floor is a whole lot more wrong than can be wiped away with a pillow or a comment. This lady is insane, or the story a made-up fantasy, or both.

* White privilege? So sexual assault is a privilege?

* I’m a progressive and love the Lord, but I’m perplexed by her white privilege guilt. The attackers were deeply in the wrong, so unless she had a nice place from taking advantage of their families, I’d not feel any guilt at trial or barking commands at them to have decency. I’d pray for them to feel guilt for their deranged actions, not anything I did in making them feel guilty for behaving like animals.

* Perplexing story. The assertions of “white privilege” don’t seem to be supported by the examples. The last paragraph says “[the lawyer] felt grateful to them, ‘for holding up a mirror to my soul and showing me the person I no longer wanted to be’ That doesn’t match up to someone who did pro-bono work for the poor. It’s not a sin to keep your doors locked when approached by beggars or hawkers. She says “Your instinctive reaction is to lock your windows and recoil and yell” Well, that’s your problem, lady. Not everyone recoils and yells – you politely wave them off – behind your closed window. She sounds as though she’s possessed by the Stockholm syndrome; identifying with those who tried to hurt her and her family. And she’s terribly, terribly naïve.

* White Guilt sinks to an entirely new low, and the LA Times is there to wallow in it with us! A woman who is the victim of a home invasion robbery and threatened with rape later feels guilty because she talked down to her attackers – even though that may very well have been what saved her life. How dare she look down her nose at criminals who are black – the bigotry of it all!

* SA is slowly dying. The grandiose gestures after divestment and the collapse of apartheid have led to the productive class evacuating for Australia and Europe while the parasites weaken the remaining population. Ju-Ju is calling for nothing less than complete nationalization of the economy and the ANC is riddled with graft, corruption, and incompetence. The next 5 years are going to be telling as the ANC, EFF, and assorted white minority factions struggle for what remains. And let’s not even get into blackouts(oops, this is SA, it’s called “load shedding”).

* How does a straight criminal home invasion incident turn into an apology for white superiority and race?

That is so stupid, yet typical of the Left to inject race into everything from school admissions to police relations. Makes you wonder who is wearing the ‘race’ glasses, doesn’t it? Who keeps bringing this up? Yep…your Lefty friends.

* So being poor and living in a shack with a bunch of dogs and barnyard animals makes you a less racist or better person? Is that what I’m supposed to take from this? Because to me it’s like that silly old thing people used to tell kids about eating all their food because there were starving children in China or someplace. Even though eating the food wouldn’t do anyone else any good.

Her naivety is just astounding. Criminals are still criminals and yet this crazy broad makes excuses for criminals and works to “understand” their problems. Well we all have problems but normal people don’t rob, rape and pillage. She’ll be very lucky with her attitude if this is the last time she’s the victim of such a crime.

* Good luck with that stupidity. I have been coming to SA for 10yrs. & decided to stay 2 yrs ago ,I was always considerate to the car guards & homeless etc. but after realizing most were thieves & physical confrontations more than once with these poor & homeless & having local friends & US friends robbed at gunpoint this idiot can feel her guilt I will fight or shoot 1st & ask ?s later these people are the racists & criminals talk to your thieving government & make an effort to get out of this but never threaten me or those close to me I am always armed & even more so on my farm & I will confront without hesitation any weakness with this group of criminals is fatal the ANC is the Mafia of Africa.

* I don’t believe I’m alone on this, but if armed men broke into my home and killed my spouse, feeling guilty about the color of my skin or the economic status I’ve worked for would not be how I would feel. Let’s try rage, hate and revenge.

* Seems the writer and others are confusing White privilege with White innovation.

* Somewhat interesting, but totally irrelevant to our life here in the US. She didn’t like the way she spoke with the criminals that invaded her home, but her conduct may actually have saved their lives.

* Since apartheid was replaced by democracy, the crime rate has soared…
South Africa is known to have one of the highest crime rates per 100,000 residents in the world regarding assault, rape and murder.
The crimes more than likely are not motivated by race, but by the economic downward spiral that the nation experienced when “activists” dismantled a working system of government with no workable alternative government plans in place. Businesses went dark, employers disappeared, incomes that depended upon white employers vanished. The blacks were handed the reins to run the country and failed on every level, because their only goal was to seize power. The “white privilege” referred to in this article could also be called “law and order.”
Typical of leftists, crying for change with no brains to attain it.

King Goodwill of the Zulus said virtually the same things days ago nobody approves of apartheid but a competent system was replaced with people that were not up to the task President Zuma is the best example with little education this is the corruption capital of Africa if not the world ANC cronyism & corruption is destroying this country 70% of the population lives in poverty after 21 yrs unemployment is close to 36% youth unemploy over 50% while this inept government pays sky high salaries & steals at every opportunity your mouth moves but your brain fails to engage.

* Why all the race-baiting by the Times?

* I’m looking forward to her class “Being a better victim.” I’m liberal but this makes me even want to use that disgusting slur which joins liberal with retard,” but I won’t (see how sneaky I was with that? Clever, eh?). Anything you do to survive an encounter with violent criminals is a win in my book. Yes, there may be ten million valid reasons why they are criminal and the part your history played cannot be ignored, but survival comes first.

* White family is brutally robbed by armed blacks, who also threaten rape. Yet the focus is on the woman’s “tone” with these thugs, and her “white privilege.” One word encapsulates this article, and this laughably warped world view: excrement.

* I try and keep an open mind about liberals, but this woman and the author of this “article” are truly astounding examples of the left having jumped the shark with their “white guilt”.

Good luck to their daughter, she is going to need it.

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