Lessons From A Muslim Girl

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Nailed a muslim girl a few years back. She was pretty secular…I met her in a bar. Most anti-Semitic person I ever met. Sometimes I would get her going just for the hell of it.

I really can’t believe the elite jewish left wants these people migrating over here. It’s their funeral, I suppose.

* I am watching Cocaine Cowboys: Reloaded on Netflix.

I was struck about the parallels 1980 Miami has with this shootout. Jimmy Carter welcomed the Cuban refugees with “open arms and hearts,” and they quickly terrorized Miami.

I know you often make reference to the Mariel boat lift and the subsequent rise in crime and depression of wages, but I never knew there was so much liberal sanctimony and utter stupidity. Fidel Castro says he flushed Cuba’s toilet on the United States; perhaps Assad feels the same way about Europe and, to a lesser degree, the United States.

As you say, political correctness is the primary cause of dumbness today. As the bodies started piling up, the poor people of Miami didn’t know what hit them.

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