Connecting To Torah

Do you ever feel like the rabbi is talking to you when he gives a class or sermon? If so, do you feel guilty? Asking for a friend.

My friend converted to Orthodox Judaism but his thinking is not 100% in alignment with Torah. He likes to hang out with skeptical people and he likes to read skeptical texts. He’s afraid to form a strong personal connection with a rabbi because every time he’s done that, the rabbi has ended up feeling betrayed because my friend’s skepticism eventually gives him away.

Are non-Torah ideas poison?

I know many cynical Orthodox Jews. Many of their children become non-religious. Are you likely to transmit Orthodox Judaism across the generations if you are skeptical and cynical?

Many Orthodox Jews have no strong belief in Orthodox Judaism. They like the lifestyle, or they feel obliged to follow it, but they have no particular belief in the divine origins of Torah. I really enjoy these Jews. I love them. They’re rebels.

I love Orthodox Judaism and I love its critics (though I have particular love of some of its critics within Orthodox Judaism). I find the debate invigorating.

Is Hanukkah about cleansing ourselves of heretical ideas?

* The last time I was a volunteer shul security guard was about 20 years ago at a Conservative shul and I made the mistake of not letting into the sanctuary this angry lesbian during the rabbi’s sermon and she raised hell and the shul board decided to relieve me and the rabbi said I didn’t have to be such a Nazi. Live and learn.

Amalek: “No one likes a Torah Nazi.”

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