The Media And The Public Are Antagonistic Players

From the Chateau: Although the subject of this post won’t be a surprise to those plugged into the Hatrix, it bears repeating, and hopefully I will have added some clarity to help dread pill newbs grope their way to illumination.

The overwhelming majority of the major media outlets are owned, operated, and staffed by equalist leftoids practiced in the art of sophistry and antiWhite propaganda. You can search on DuckDuckGo for the relevant data; it’s easy to find. A ballpark figure: 85-90% of journo grads are registered Democrats.

The media – aka the Hivemind – hasn’t always been this moodily affiliated. Maybe it leaned liberal sixty years ago, but that lean has turned into a pipeline funneling the entire industry into the dankest leftie sewage tank.

The public, though, hasn’t “progressed” nearly as far as the media has. The result is a growing disconnect between the media and the public; a disconnect that has widened so much that the media no longer feel any emotional resonance with the reading and viewing public they are supposed to serve. Worse, the leftoids running the media industrial complex feel a powerful antagonism to the public, which manifests as an unrepentant, almost giddy, compulsion to force feed the public whatever race creationist nonsense and lies the media wants the public to imbibe.

The two players have become, in all but battlefield bloodshed, mortal enemies. It isn’t simply a matter of distrust. Not anymore. It’s active and deliberate dissemination of false narratives by a fifth column to cow, humiliate, and brainwash an entire country of generally good-hearted and trusting people who are too inert to react with the needed megadose of antibody cynicism and righteous anger.

Will anything break this deadlock and rupture the antagonistic dynamic between media and public? From the year 2015 vantage point, it doesn’t seem so. Perhaps a cataclysmic event that threatens the survival of the nation will reorient the media-public relationship, but even then… I mean, 9/11 did nothing in this regard, and that was an attack on American soil that bested Pearl Harbor for visceral impact.

Another possible solution: the gradual dying off of Boomers. But Millennials appear to be even faggier than their Boomer grandparents. I don’t see an epic freshman class of realtalkers flooding Columbia Journalism School any time soon.

I think it will come down to a grassroots revolution that sweeps from power the antiracism antiWhite leftoid media juggernaut. They won’t go willingly, not even when their ad money dries up to pennies. Defunding the media might not fly, but defunding the universities will, and that’s where all this shitlibbery is birthed, nurtured, and spat upon an unsuspecting polity. Ending federal student loan programs and severing all financial ties between State and academia would go a ways to ideologically cleansing these foul pits of race cuckoldry and making room for sane administrators to restock their faculty with professors who aren’t possessed by the equalism demon.

Finally, there’s the problem of the Diversity™. No revolution to renew the corrupt leftoid media will succeed if Whites become heavily outnumbered by nonwhites. The math pwns all. Whatever honorable and civilized instincts Whites have that could be put to work reforming their dying, lying institutions will be stillborn if the dusky oort cloud rolls across America and monopolizes the franchise, eventually choking the living Constitution into a dead letter.

There are already signs of this happening. Support for the First Amendment is at an all-time low. Shitlibs are crowing about repealing the 2nd Amendment once Whites are racially cleansed into a voting minority in the country they and their ancestors created and built from the ground up. Free speech and gun rights… the biggies, and apparently just two more once-cherished principles that only Whites of a sterner disposition feel any urgency to uphold.

If the Founding Fathers could see the State of their Nation today, they would cry bitterly, and regret their revolutionary war, returning to England as fast as their sails could catch the wind. Sad, but true.

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